5 Cool New Year’s Eve Party Themes for 2018

5 Cool New Year’s Eve Party Themes for 2018

Want to celebrate this New Year’s Eve in a unique way? Then, you should plan your party around a theme. In fact, choosing a theme will make it much easier for you to choose New Year decorations. If you choose an 80s retro party theme, for instance, you can decorate your home with 80s memorabilia such as posters from teenybopper magazines. Your guests may also dress up in 80s outfits. So, what are the best New Year’s Eve party themes for 2018?

In this article, we outline some of the coolest New Year’s Eve party themes to get you inspired. Read on.

One Last Feast

We all have some unhealthy habits that we’re struggling to quit, and normally use the New Year as an excuse to start leading a healthier lifestyle. This is the time we start dieting, sign up for gym memberships, and trash our cigarettes.

Why not make this your 2018 New Year’s Eve party theme? You can throw a One Last Feast party where your guests get to indulge in their unhealthy habits before getting into 2018. You should ask your friends what their resolutions are beforehand so you can plan accordingly.

When it comes to New Year decorations for the One Last Feast party, consider using food-inspired decorations to make it comical. You can use food-shaped balloons, cardboard donuts, etc. In the end, gift your guests with items focused on their health, such as a list of healthy recipes, yoga mat, or a water bottle.

Donut baloon
Image Source: Pinterest
Food shaped baloons
Image Source: Art & Craft Ideas

Masquerade Party

Masquerade ball parties have, for a long time, remained one of the most popular New Year’s Eve party themes. They never go out of style and are normally quite formal.  A fascinating masquerade party theme can effectively add some mystery to your party.

Consider providing your guests with masks or ask them to make their own. You need to have sufficient room for a dance floor. Then, choose a color scheme that will make your New Year’s Eve party theme come alive. Gold, black, and green color schemes are some of the best choices.

 Two masquerade mask on red cusion
Image Source: abf

Champagne Mixology

When it comes to New Year Eve’s party, we normally wait until midnight to pop up the champagne. Why not make 2018 New Year Eve’s party a little different by hosting a champagne mixology party?

All you need to do is provide the champagne and mixers. Then, everyone will get to make their own champagne cocktail. But how do you deal with cautious guests?

Simply provide tried-and-true recipes. The aim of this party is to let your guests experiment with making the perfect drink, and have fun doing it.

Cocktail glass and shakers
Image Source: CesareAndrea

Bonfire Party

Looking for a low-key way to usher in 2018? Then, a simple bonfire party will work for you. This is one of the simplest New Year’s Eve party themes you can implement.

Sit on the last night of 2017 with your guests and some nice drink. Then, share your favorite stories of the year. What about the choice of food for a New Year Eve’s bonfire party?

You can just serve bonfire classics such as hot dogs, s’mores, scrambled eggs, and pizzas.

Italian pizza, hot dog grilled, salad, red wine, lager and snacks to beer
Image Source: kucherav

Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Theme

As the world grapples with global warming, you can start your New Year with a resolve to be more eco-friendly. Host a New Year Eve’s party with eco-friendly decorations, along with organic and locally produced foods.

Also, consider buying wine from a local vendor, besides sending your guests off with party gifts from a local shop. Choose games that encourage going green.

Christmas wreath in eco-style
Image Source: mkalinichenko

Final thoughts

New Year’s Eve parties are always exciting whether they are held at a fascinating exotic location or in the comfort of your home. They are even more exciting when planned around a particular theme. New Year’s Eve party themes play a great role in setting the mood and helping your guests to have a great time. You can choose any our suggested themes to create a New Year’s Eve party for 2018 that will bring out the fun and excitement of the last evening of 2017.




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