5 Must-have New Year’s Eve Party Supplies for a Magical Party

5 Must-have New Year’s Eve Party Supplies for a Magical Party

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? Whether you are planning a family-friendly party or an adult’s only soiree, getting everything right can be stressful. To help you plan a perfect New Year’s Eve party without due stress, we present you New Year’s Eve party supplies that you need to consider.

With these New Year’s Eve party supplies, you’ll be assured of a gorgeous, fun-filled 2018 New Year party. Candles are one of the must-have items. Placing candles all over your house can produce a soft, flattering light and create a festive ambiance for your guests.

Specially decorated New years eve table at home for dinner.
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That said, let’s explore other must-have New Year’s Eve Party supplies and their significance on your New Year decorations.


Centerpieces are one of the most expensive components of New Year decorations. However, you don’t have to spend your entire 2018 New Year budget on a centerpiece. With a little creativity, you can create lovely, stylish centerpieces.

For instance, you can use low-cost winter flowers such as amaryllis or pillar candles in tall, glass hurricanes. You will have an excellent centerpiece for a classy New Year’s Eve party. What if you want a centerpiece that’s ideal for a family party?

Consider using bright-colored confetti and cascade centerpiece, which is available in most party stores. Another brilliant, budget-friendly idea is to reuse some Christmas decorations. For instance, silver ornaments placed in a large vase can serve as a nice centerpiece.

Christmas table decoration with flowers and candles
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Christmas decorations of ball shaped candles and vases
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Balloons are one of the most popular New Year’s Eve party supplies. They are ideal for any type of New Year’s Eve party. In fact, using balloons is a very simple yet effective way to add celebratory ambiance to a space.

There are a variety of ways to use balloons in your New Year decorations. For instance, you can use Mylar balloons with Happy New Year messages and regular, solid color balloons that blend in with the rest of your décor. There is a wide selection of New Year balloons out there.

Golden baloons for New Years eve
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Just search for New Year’s Eve Balloons on the internet. You will certainly find some amazing options that beat the typical New Year decorations. 


A New Year’s Eve party cannot be complete without celebratory noisemakers. So, be sure to invest in some. If you have kids in the home, however, it is advisable not to take them out until right before the clock strikes 12.00 am.

Party blowers
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Matching Linens

To set the perfect mood for New Year’s Eve party, it is advisable to use matching placemats, napkins, and a tablecloth that matches the rest of your New Year décor. If you want to minimize the stress of cleaning up, consider investing in disposable tableware. Tableware, including napkins, come in a wide range of options. As such, you can always get New Year’s Eve supplies that fit your needs and style.

 Restaurant table with dishes, napkins, glasses and tablecloth
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 Table decorated for a party
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Party Kit

You can’t have a fruitful New Year’s Eve party if you and your guests are not festive. So, party kits are a must-have. You can get party kits that encompass tiaras for the ladies and hats for guys. Other party kits may also include horns, cone hats for kids, as well as masquerade face masks for adults.

New Year’s Eve Party Supplies
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Ice Bucket Lights

At any New Year’s Eve party, there will always be some people hanging out at the food and drink table. So, why not dress it up and make it look great?

Ice bucket lights can come in handy in this case. They come in a wide range of colors and can even work underwater.

Dim light white silver and blue romantic new year eve table
Image Source: ACP prod

Final thoughts

When planning for any party there’s always going to be some stress to contend with and a New Year’s Eve party is no exception. Nonetheless, there are some ways you can minimize the stress. One of the ways is to have the essential New Year’s Eve party supplies at hand, as outlined in this article.



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