2018 New Year Decorations – Avoid these 6 Common Decoration Mistakes

2018 New Year Decorations – Avoid these 6 Common Decoration Mistakes

New Year is celebrated the world over with pomp and color. In general, virtually all countries follow the Gregorian calendar and have their New Year celebrations on the first of January. Certainly, your New Year celebrations need sumptuous foods and celebratory cocktails, but it is also important to set the perfect mood with amazing New Year decorations.

When it comes to New Year decorations, there are common mistakes that we make. These mistakes may end up making your New Year party a stressful nightmare instead of a pleasurable moment. Let’s explore some of the mistakes, as well as suggestions of how to avoid them.

You Don’t Create a Decoration List

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A decorating list is an integral component of any holiday preparation. It is advisable to make notes on the space you’re looking to decorate before you go shopping. You want to know what to buy and what to leave out depending on your budget.

Note down the primary color scheme. Otherwise, you may end buying items that clash. With a well-written decorating list, you will be able to focus only on the things that are relevant and necessary. When you don’t have a list to guide your shopping, it is easy to think that everything looks awesome.

Using Mass-produced New Year Decorations

Many stores start selling New Year decorations quite earlier in the year. Of course, there is nothing wrong with picking up a few items here and there. However, you should be careful not to create another store display in your home.

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A great idea when it comes to decorating for New Year is to make your own New Year decorations. This is an excellent way to create a festive ambiance that is unique to your home. It will also save you money on decorations.

Use of Intense Scents

You probably have visited a friend’s home during the holidays and was welcomed by overwhelming scent immediately you stepped into the house. Holiday candles are available on the market in virtually every scent you can imagine. This doesn’t mean you should use them in your home.

Instead of chocking your house with synthetic holiday scents, why not invest in a nice-smelling natural air freshener? There is a wide selection on the market today to choose from

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Leaving Candles Unattended

The National Fire Protection Association lists New Year’s among the top four days for candle fires. Candles play a great role in New Year decorations. However, you should avoid putting lit candles on surfaces that can easily catch fire, such as natural wreaths.

Also, avoid placing candles near curtains or drapes. Likewise, lock matches and lighters out of children’s reach. You can also choose to use flameless candles as they don’t pose a fire risk. If you want to use decorative lighting, be sure it bears the seal of an independent testing laboratory.  

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Not Minding the Pets’ Safety

Who wants an emergency trip to the vet during a New Year party? It is imperative that you consider the safety of your pets when doing your New Year decorations. One of the major things to be careful about is potential eating hazards. So, don’t leave any food unattended. Also, stay away from poisonous plants if you have pets in your home. Think of any other things that may pose danger to your pets, as well those visiting, during the festivities.

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You Take Music For Granted

New Year decoration is about the whole experience. It’s not only about what catches the eye. So, choose the best holiday music to play for friends and family during the New Year party. This will get people in the perfect mood and give your home a true holiday ambiance.

Final thoughts

Before you start popping champagne to welcome the year 2018, be sure your home is popping with fun, eye-catching decorations, and good lighting. New Year decorations play a great role in creating the right mood for the New Year party, and you need to avoid the above mistakes in order to make it the best.



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