Create a Neoclassical Style Home in 3 Simple Steps

Create a Neoclassical Style Home in 3 Simple Steps

Want to have a luxurious-looking home without having to spend a fortune?

Then you might want to try the neoclassical style. Neoclassical style home is an epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication. And it is easy to create.

A neoclassical style home is normally large and has multiple stories. One common feature is the impressive staircase at the entrance, propped by pillars on either side.

The outside of a neoclassical home looks symmetrical, with the same number and size of windows on the front. The interior features high ceilings, expansive spaces, and neoclassical adornments such as columns, floor and crown moldings, as well as door and window frame moldings.

Bright living room in neoclassical style
Image Source: Vladimir Kalinin

The overall effect of a neoclassical style is one of consummate luxury typical of the grand manors of the 19th century.

You can create this timeless style in 3 simple steps as outlined below:

Invest in Neoclassical Furniture

Neoclassical furniture shares several characteristics with modern furniture. Its shapes are straight, devoid of elaborate curves and decorations. They stand square or rectangular.

You may find neoclassical furniture that has rounded corners, but those with curved edges are unheard of. They also may have a minimal decoration that doesn’t take away from the neoclassical, symmetrical shape of the item.

When shopping for neoclassical style furniture, go for straight shapes, natural materials such as unpainted but well-finished wood, and neutral shades such as grey, black, or cream. Keep in mind that neoclassical style is always discreet and neat, as opposed to being exuberant and over-the-top.

Spacious neoclassical style home
Image Source: Sendecor

Incorporate Neoclassical materials

Neoclassical style homes exude a luxurious aura, thanks to their use of traditional home construction materials, including:

  • Stone
  • Hardwood
  • Marble

You can get the finest of a neoclassical home by incorporating travertine floors, marble floors, and medium-toned hardwood. Be sure that everything is polished and shiny.

Neoclassical living room decor
Image Source: Hoyoung


Beautiful home interior in neoclassical style
Image Source: Hoyoung

Go for a white style kitchen with neutral accents. You want something airy and spacious and not excessively decorative. You should add dark granite countertops to complement your kitchen color scheme.

The living room should take the better square footage of the home. Hardwood floor works best for the space as it adds a touch of warmth and coziness. Consider adding decorative elements to the walls and ceilings, such as trims and moldings. You want to create a significant difference between “minimal” and “neoclassical”.

Bright home interior
Image Source: Masqele art station


Kitchen and dining area
Image Source: Masqele art station

The bedroom should feature simple shapes and minimal color palette. Neoclassical trims and gliding can deliver an awesome effect in this room. Be careful not to make it too decorative or fancy.

A neoclassical style home cannot be complete without a neoclassical bathroom, complete with pillars. The bathroom should have neutral-but-varied travertine tile. But if you prefer lower maintenance, porcelain tile that resembles travertine would be a great alternative.

Neoclassical bedroom interior
Image Source: Hoyoung


Beautiful neoclassical style bedroom decor
Image Source: Julie Pashina

Add Neoclassical Accessories

The decorative accessories used in neoclassical designs included ornate vases and urns. The vessels were normally designed in a solid color and adorned with white designs in recurring patterns like swags or garlands.

Some neoclassical accessories also featured mythical creatures such as satyrs and griffins. Other accessories had Sphinxes, especially after Egyptian influences became widespread in the last half of the neoclassical era.

You can include these designs in decorative elements such as painting, mirrors, pillows, and lamps.

Final thoughts

Elegant, luxurious, and romantic, the neoclassical style is an excellent and simple way to create a luxurious-looking home without breaking the bank. The style is defined by timeless elegance and sophistication. And you can easily create it by investing in neoclassical furniture, incorporating neoclassical materials, and adding neoclassical accessories to your home décor.


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