Make Your Nautical Decor Heavenly With Nautical Lights

Make Your Nautical Decor Heavenly With Nautical Lights

Nautical decor?

If you are an ardent seaman or have always dreamt of living by the ocean, but stuck in a land locked world, you should consider adding a fancy nautical décor to your home. While many people love the ocean, very few of them understand the charm and style that nautical décor has to offer.

A nautical theme can bring in radiance and freshness of the sea to your home. It can significantly enrich your home décor. If you want a more cozy and modern look, you should include nautical lights in your décor.

Nautical lighting is inspired by the lights used on marine vessels. They are an exciting and unique way to accentuate nautical décor in your home. As a result, these lights feature a simple design and play an integral role in creating a vast variety of atmospheres and environments, which will make your home look exceptionally magnificent.

Interior decor with nautical elements
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Having said that, let’s see how you can use nautical lighting to enhance the nautical feel in your home.

 Indoor Nautical Decor With Lighting

If you are looking to incorporate a marine feel into your home interior décor, consider getting a chandelier made from a ship’s anchor. You can use the anchor as the primary piece and mount lights on both sides. This is a simple, yet stylish way to light the entryway of a nautical-themed home. It is a great way to add style to your nautical décor without being flashy.

Outdoor Nautical Decor With Lighting

Being outdoors is normally more exciting than staying indoors. Nothing feels great like being able to inhale the fresh outdoor air and viewing the beauty of nature. However, it can be difficult to enjoy the outdoors without proper lighting. That’s where nautical outdoor lighting comes in handy.

Adding some fancy new nautical-themed lighting to your patio or deck will impress your guests. They will marvel at your impeccable sense of style. By enhancing your nautical décor with some lights taken straight from lighthouses or ships, you’ll be able to achieve a modern look for your home décor. It won’t look tacky.

Some homeowners prefer to use lighting fixtures that appear like they came straight from a boat. If you’re one of them, consider getting bulkhead lights. These can be finely re-purposed as outdoor sconces when positioned on either side of the front doors. The modest design of frosted glass encased in an antiqued metal works perfectly with most nautical décor styles.

Outdoor nautical lights
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Theme Lamps for Nautical Decor

If you are looking for a more elaborate feel for your nautical décor, then you can go for nautical theme lamps. There are many companies out there selling lighting fixtures and resin cast lamps that are shaped like light houses or ships.

This can create the perfect nautical touch in a space largely decorated with beach stuff, such as sea shells. Hence, you should go for something that stands out.  It needs to act as the focal piece that is decorative and functional in a room with limited space.

Children's room in a nautical theme.
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Modern interior of a child's room in a nautical theme.
Image Source: ostap25

Final thoughts

Lighting fixtures inspired by those used on marine vessels can be an exciting and unique way to enhance the nautical décor in your home. Installing a fine selection of nautical lights is a brilliant way to add an incredible nautical feel to your interior or exterior décor. Therefore, nautical lighting fixtures have a very simple design. However, they have the ability to deliver stylishness when combined with other nautical-themed décor designs.


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