Moroccan Decor: How to Achieve a Perfect Moroccan Feel

Moroccan Decor: How to Achieve a Perfect Moroccan Feel

Looking for inspiration on home interior décor? You could consider some Moroccan décor and furnishings to add culture and freshness to your home.

Moroccan décor is characterized by unique colors, exceptional furnishings, eclectic design, and numerous other features that would unleash the designer in you. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a timeless décor theme.

The Moroccan style of home decorating integrates traditional Moroccan colors and shapes. It gives them a contemporary touch. With this vibrant décor scheme, there will be no need to keep changing your interiors to match the prevailing trends. Your home will still look magnificent in over ten years to come.

To get the best of Moroccan décor, however, you have to get some things right. There are some critical rules you must follow.

So, let’s outline the 4 essential rules to follow towards a perfect Moroccan feel in your home.

Experiment with Fascinating Shapes

In the world of Moroccan décor, you should be ready to experiment with a wide variety of shapes. You don’t have to stick to traditional shapes, such as squares and circles.

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You need to be more creative when it comes to selecting your Moroccan style homewares. There is a wide selection to choose from, including:

  • Curved domes and pointed spirals, which create awe-inspiring feat ures
  • Embossed and cut-out patterns, which exhibit triangles, crosses, diamonds, and other exciting geometric shapes.

Simply explore various shapes that fit into your desired theme and you’ll get numerous exciting features. For instance, you could try to incorporate different unique shapes in your lighting fixtures.

Incorporate Plenty of Metallic

Metallics are an integral component of Moroccan décor. Hence, if you are averse to using metal in your home, Moroccan is certainly not your style.

With Moroccan style, you should be ready to use metallic and mirrors in your interior design. However, this does not mean that you will be limiting yourself. Namely, you can use various metals in numerous different ways.

Moroccan décor - Great Idea Hub
Image Source: Olga/ Eastern traditional interior. Arabic style room.
Moroccan décor - Great Idea Hub
Image Source: Olga/ Eastern traditional interior. Morocco style room. Arch and window with beautiful carving.
Moroccan décor - Great Idea Hub
Image Source: Olga/ Pillow on sofa decoration interior with morocco style.

For instance, you can blend silver metals such as steel and aluminum with the warmer colors of brass and copper. Metals can be used for a vast range of items, including:

  • Tables
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Homeware accessories

Metallics and mirrors will help to bring plenty of light into your room and give it a lavish touch. A brilliant way to incorporate metallic into your interior design is by making a hanging aluminum lamp the focal point of your space. Likewise, metal-framed mirrors would help to reflect both natural and artificial light in the room.  

Light is Essential in Moroccan Décor

Light is another integral feature of an elegant Moroccan-themed home. Plenty of light is essential for creating a warm, radiant room.

You should choose light fixtures that advance the goal of Moroccan style homewares – making a statement. In Moroccan décor, lighting is normally at the center of the design. Lighting the room in several different ways creates an impressive atmosphere. You can use lanterns, hanging lampshades, as well as candle holders.

You should realize, however, that the method of delivery is just as important as the light itself. There are a number of ways to play with light in your Moroccan décor. For instance, you can use candles on unique candle holders. Likewise, you can focus all the attention to your ceilings with a hanging light.

Add a Touch of Softness With Rugs and Fabric

Moroccan décor - Great Idea Hub
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Besides the opulence and elegance that Moroccan décor has to offer, comfort is also essential. You need to able to sit back and relax in your Moroccan-theme room without feeling overwhelmed with the luxury.

You can choose warm fabrics to use on your furniture. Warm fabrics can also do a wonderful job when used as accessories such as rugs and curtains. Use your preferred fabrics to add to the patterns and textures you use in other components of your décor.

Final Thoughts

Moroccan décor is one of the hottest interior design trends today. This is attributed to several reasons. The reasons include the intricate designs used, the vibrant colors that blend incredibly well, the rich fabrics involved, as well as the fact that Moroccan style homewares normally blend perfectly with other styles.  Moreover, the appeal of the Moroccan décor will not fade over time like most other home décor styles do. However, if you want to achieve the perfect Moroccan feel, you have to follow the rules outlined above.

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