5 Things That Make Money Tree Plant the Perfect Indoor Plant

5 Things That Make Money Tree Plant the Perfect Indoor Plant

Looking to attract fortune and prosperity into your life? Maybe Money Tree Plant would be the perfect indoor plant for you.

Besides being popular for the belief that it brings financial fortunes, the Money Tree Plant, or Pachira Aquatica is also beautiful. Normally, its stalks are braided together to give it a strikingly unique look.

Here, we explore 5 reasons why you should choose Money Tree Plant for your home:

Associated With Prosperity

Money tree plant
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The Money Tree Plant is an integral element of feng shui design, a Chinese art of harmonizing home interiors through strategic placement of furnishings and accessories. This is because it can promote prosperity if placed at the right spot in your home.

The Southeast area of your home is the most connected to your prosperity. This is according to traditional feng shui practices. So, you should add a money tree plant to this area of your home if you want to attract good fortune into your life.

Money Tree Plant is Safe for Pets

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Pachira Aquatica is non-toxic to cats and all other pets.

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Be that as it may, it is advisable to place your Money Tree Plant in an area where it is less likely to attract pets. It may be non-toxic to animals, but cats might suffer upset stomachs if they eat plenty of the plant.

You also don’t want your plant’s health to deteriorate, which can be the case if the stalks are damaged by a curious animal.

No Worry About Overwatering It

Money Tree Plant grows in wetlands and thrives in damp soil. If you have had challenges growing indoor plants in the past, this plant could be just perfect for you.

While most indoor plants tend to die from overwatering, the Money Tree plant needs to be watered about three times a week.

Make sure your pot has drainage holes on the bottom. All water should be able to completely drain out. Likewise, ensure all of the soil gets watered sufficiently when watering your Money tree plant.

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It is worth noting that Money tree plant normally doesn’t grow as quickly in winter, thanks to insufficient natural light. In this case, you shouldn’t water it as much as usual. How do you know your Money Tree Plant needs more or less water?

You should look at the leaves’ health and soil dampness. If the leaves turn yellow and fall off, it is advisable to water it more. Conversely, if the leaves start to fall off while they’re still healthy and green, you need to minimize the watering.

Extremely Low Maintenance

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Money tree plant requires virtually no pruning unless desired. However, you can prune the leaves from time to time to keep your tree small and neat. You shouldn’t over prune it all at once. You don’t want to damage your plant.

It’s also worth noting that Money Tree plant thrives in indirect light and loves fluorescent light. This makes it an excellent choice if you have limited space to grow indoor plants or want a plant that you can keep away from a window.

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Final thoughts

Native to Asia and Australia, the Money tree plant derives its popular name from its traditional use as a fortune booster in the Chinese feng shui system. Feng shui is the ancient art of harmonizing indoor spaces through the strategic placement of furniture, plants, and other household items. Besides promoting prosperity, money tree has numerous other great properties that make it a perfect addition to any home. Any homeowner looking for a beautiful, non-toxic, and low-maintenance indoor plant, this is it.



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