Modern Mexican Architecture that Truly Defines Inside-outside Style of Living

Modern Mexican Architecture that Truly Defines Inside-outside Style of Living

The inside of this home is an epitome of the rich history of Jalisco. Designed by AE Arquitectos, the magnificent structure is a blend of contemporary brick architecture and traditional style stone walls. But that’s not all.

Located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, the house utilizes tons of planting, which feathers the sharp-edged exterior. The home’s interior boasts a plush green tropical décor. You can attribute that to the glazed-walled central courtyard.

And did you know that Jalisco is home to all five of Mexico’s natural ecosystems?

Outside view of a modern Mexican house
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

That is well-represented in this home design. You can tell by the heavy presence of vegetation. You haven’t seen enough of the home until nightfall.

At night, you will marvel at the visual warmth generated by the exterior stonework. You’ll also get an impressive view of the internal courtyard. On the opposite side of the courtyard is the expansive open plan living room, dining and kitchen space.

Shall we explore a bit of the outdoors now?

The Outdoor Swimming Pool

The outside of this modern Mexican build features an L-shaped swimming pool design. The outdoor swimming pool wraps around a wooden pool deck. The deck lays right next to the outdoor dining area.

Swimming pool in front yard
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

The pool is surrounded by smooth lawn. Little plants can be seen shooting at the borders of the garden as well over a stone balcony wall. Seems AE Arquitectos also understands that lighting works magic in exterior décor. Let’s see why.

Exterior strip lighting circles the edge of the outdoor pool. The lighting also runs along the perimeter of the tastefully manicured garden. Many of us take the safety in our homes for granted. That’s not the case here.

Low lighting conditions normally pose various risks underfoot. In this home, that issue is taken care of by strips of light outlining the set of exterior steps.

Front yard with various lights at nightfall
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

You can use the outdoors for any activity throughout the night time. That’s made possible by the ground-level lighting. The lighting also delivers a welcoming radiance.

Now, let’s take a walk a little further from the swimming pool and expolore the garden beyond.

The Garden and Flower Beds

The garden is outlined by low-raised chunky stone walls. The garden walls match the home’s exterior. The flowers beds are raised

Garden in front of a modern house
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

The raised flower beds allow for the addition of more varieties of plant species to the garden scheme. Starting from the poolside and cutting across the flower beds, the lawn creates a soft grassy pathway. Plants also need light, right?

That could be the reason why the plants in the flower beds also have their own special light.  On the opposite side of the deck are a variety of trees that define Jalisco’s mixed ecosystem. These include tropical deciduous & thorn forests, tropical evergreen forests, as well as temperate forests.

Plants in front yard and alongside the exterior walls of a house
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

You also can’t miss some of its grassland, as well as arid and semi-arid vegetation.

Enough of the outdoors. Let’s head back indoors for some finer details.

The Interior Design

The classic stone walls don’t only end at the exterior. They continue inside. Are you looking for a home design well-suited for warm climates? This can be a perfect choice.

Namely, the house features retractable glass wall. This allows for a seamless indoor-outdoor living style. That style of living is ideal for warm regions.

With a living room that opens fully on either side, the house presents limitless access to the central tropical courtyard as well as to the garden.

Interior of a house with glass walls
Image Source: AE Arquitectos


Living room interior in a modern Mexican house
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

The tranquil natural greenery is the home’s ultimate focal point. You know how this is achieved?

Simply ensure that the materials of the home’s furniture are very natural and neutral.  

The internal courtyard boasts a constellation of wooden walkways. The walkways sweep through the clusters of plants. They’re designed to encourage short strolls through nature. There’s a breath of fresh air to enjoy while at it.

Interior garden in modern house
Image Source: AE Arquitectos


Interior garden
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

There’s also the use of warm exterior lighting. The use of lighting somewhat understated. But that doesn’t stop it from effectively highlighting the natural beauty of the space.

An internal courtyard is adorned with planting to work alongside the lower level. This creates a dual level courtyard effect. That said, shall we go upstairs for a moment?

The Upstairs

The upstairs is presented as a mezzanine level and features different window style. The Colonial-style windows are somewhat busily framed. That’s in contrast to the unobstructed wide-ranging glasses on the downstairs windows

Interior of a modern Mexican house
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

You can’t fail to notice the virtually Japanese Shoji window effect created by the windows’ black lattice framing style. It’s also a nice way to add an astonishing zen garden aura to the Mexican courtyard.

Virtually every corner of this house is accessorized. Even the smallest corners sport a selection of potted plants. The various plants live in harmony with the home dwellers, sharing the space in the home almost equally.

Various plants in back yard
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

As you ascend the open tread staircase, you’ll enjoy an unobstructed view of the garden. You can credit this to a glass balustrade flanking each side of the staircase. You can even catch a glimpse of a sizable stripped backlogged bench sandwiched between two gardens. All that is in a warm glass hallway.

Bench in hallway between two gardens
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

Every step is illuminated by an LED. As you climb the stairs, you’ll come across two exposed feature walls. The first feature wall is on the ground floor and is made of traditional stone. The second wall, made of modern brick, is on the first level.

Stairs illuminated with LED lights
Image Source: AE Arquitectos

We can’t end the article without mentioning the accent furniture and area rugs, which perfectly blend in with traditional-style stonewalling. Also, worth noting is the wide selection of wild life that surrounds the home at all levels.  



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