Create a Chic Oriental Interior with Modern Japanese House Décor

Create a Chic Oriental Interior with Modern Japanese House Décor

Are you a nature enthusiast, or just interested in the Japanese culture? Maybe you love minimalism and modesty?

If you answered yes to any, you’ll definitely love modern Japanese house interior design. Japanese house design revolves around clean and uncluttered living. It holds tightly to balance, organization, and ancient traditions. It also promotes adoration of natural beauty.

You can easily implement this style in your home. You just need to add a few Japanese house décor ideas to get started.

So, let’s explore some Japanese home décor ideas. These will help you create an awesome oriental feel in your home:

Uphold Visual and Textural Balance

The term ‘balance’ is quite common in the world of modern Japanese house designs. It is normally the primary defining aspect of an oriental theme. You know what this means?

You need to have the right harmony of colors, and also need to have the right textures that surround you. The result will be an amazing Japanese style décor.

Contemporary interior, a living room with a flat gas fireplace
Image Source: Mihalis A.

For instance, your home may be just one large block of concrete. In this case, consider adding glass partitions and wooden floors. Natural stone decorations and bamboo blinds can also work well. You can also add a handful of organic textures in a calm fashion.

Maintain Connection with Nature

Japanese culture thrives in love and respect for nature. You can keep a strong bond with the natural world by bringing nature indoors. How do you achieve this?

Simply add traditional Japanese plants, such as bamboo and bonsai, to your home. This will give your interior some Japanese cultural touch. In fact, you can add any kind of deep greenery and still attain the same effect.

However, try to keep everything simple, natural, and green. Avoid adding lots of colorful floral plants. It’s not characteristic of Modern Japanese house interior.

Luxury apartment with stylish modern interior design
Image Source: Anna Om

Incorporate Sliding Doors or Screens

Shoji, an authentic Japanese screen, is an essential element in Modern Japanese house designs. Its main purpose is to help maximize space since Japanese homes tend to be small. This is attributed to the high cost of housing in the country. Shojis slide back and forth.  This saves space that a regular swinging door would otherwise take up.

This screen is traditionally made of fine translucent paper bound inside a wooden frame. Nonetheless, you can still find modern versions of shoji. These are made of glass panels inside a wooden frame.

Moreover, these Japanese screens don’t block the natural light and view. Incorporating this Japanese house style into your home is quite easy. Just replace a large section of wall with a glass-paneled sliding door.

Japanese living room
Image Source: Alena

Invest in Japanese Style Furniture

Most authentic Japanese homes don’t separate furnished rooms for various purposes. You can have the living room and TV room in one room. Nonetheless, you can still replicate Japanese minimalism into your sectioned-off home.

Most of the Japanese furniture is low to the ground. You can imitate this style by simply investing in low-to-the-ground furniture. This include simple side tables and bed frames. Want to achieve a more authentic look?

Modern japanese house
Image Source: Pinterest

Then, consider surrounding a low plank table with floor cushions. This can even be somewhat romantic, especially when used as a dining area.

Japanese Home Accessories

While Japanese style is defined by the philosophy of simplicity, it still allows for some accessories. Besides being functional, Modern Japanese house interior should also be dramatic and lovely.

In that light, you can incorporate the following Japanese decorations into your home:

  • Wall art with images of nature e.g. Japanese cherry blossom home décor
  • Japanese Wall fans
  • Tea ceremony set
  • Lanterns
  • Japanese style vases
  • Netsukes – small statues that are traditional Japanese decorations.
Japanese tea set
Image Source: dream79


Japanese living room
Image Source: Alena

Final Thoughts

Modern Japanese house interiors evoke a sense of serenity and comfort. It is a perfect style for today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle. Namely, it helps greatly when you get back home to a peaceful haven.  Japanese style interior accomplishes that goal by bringing in harmony and balance. It is easy to create Japanese house interior. Just follow the above tips.





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