5 Tips to Have the Best Media Room Seating

5 Tips to Have the Best Media Room Seating

So much has been written about where to place your media room speakers, but few experts have offered advice on media room seating layout. Nonetheless, the positioning of your media room seating is an integral aspect of your home theater.

It is imperative that you design the layout of your media room seating in a way that all of your viewers have a great movie-theater experience. In the light of this, we present you 3 key tips to ensure you have the best media room seating layout.

Media Room Seating Comfort

Your media room seating should primarily be designed for comfort. Many of us purchase home theater sofas, loveseats, and recliners simply for their sturdiness and comfort. We normally don’t think about the audience.

Home theater setting
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When it comes to selecting the best home theater seating, you should always have the audience in mind.  In the light of this, a high-quality leather home theater lounger is a really comfortable option, but it is not the best choice if your loved one is always reaching over the armrest to hold your hand. If you are trying to get cozy with your partner, you should go for a theater room sofa or sectional.

If you have children, a home theater lounger crafted to their size would be a more comfortable option. It is also worth noting that modern media room furniture comes in a wide range of styles and sizes. And when selecting media room seating, don’t forget that comfort is not always the same for everyone.

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Performance-related Seating Placement Tips

When it comes to setting up media room seating, there are several performance-related guidelines that you should follow. Let’s explore some of the guidelines:

  • Viewing angles should range between 36 and 50 degrees. This ensures that the display fills in a viewer’s field of vision.
  • Be sure that all seats have a clear view of the screen. Consider using risers to elevate the back-row seats to ensure everyone gets a great viewing experience.
  • Make sure the bass response for every listener is similar. Bass response normally changes rapidly throughout a media room, thanks to the influence of room modes. But how do you ensure every seat has a similar bass response?
High quality sound system in a home media room
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The process is normally complex and calls for consideration of the spatial distribution of not only room peaks and null but also the effect of speaker and subwoofer positioning.

  • Be sure that listeners’ heads are at least 4 feet away from surround speakers. Surround speakers should not be localized for enveloping sounds. Namely, the surround pressure level from the speakers should not be notably louder compared to the main screen channels.
  • Make sure that listener’s heads are at least 4 feet away from the back wall. Namely, seats that are against the back wall normally suffer from a considerable bass boost and poor envelopment. This is attributed to the fact that no reflected sounds are reaching the ear from the back of the media room.

Most of these guidelines are simple and you can implement them on your own. You don’t need to hire a media room seating professional.

Media room
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Media Room Seating Pricing

You should realize that media room seating can be an expensive investment. Media room sofas and home theater loungers can be incredibly expensive. It is advisable to create a realistic budget before you go out shopping for the best media room seating. Don’t make the mistake of straying from your budget.

Research thoroughly before making a final choice. There is a wide range of media room seating options available on the market, so you can get something worthwhile even if you’re working with a tight budget.

Basement turned into home theater
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Final thoughts

The primary objective of designing and laying out media room seating is comfort. For a dedicated TV watching space, you will want to feel comfortable for the whole length of your movie. When it comes to selecting the ideal media room seating, your personal design style, media room shape, media room size, desired seating capacity, coupled with the above tips play a great role.



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