Invest in Mamasan Chair for its Beauty and Versatility

Invest in Mamasan Chair for its Beauty and Versatility

The Mamasan chair is a double-seating version of Papasan chair, which is a large circular bowl-shaped chair with an adjustable angle like that of a futon. The mamasan chair, also known as double papasan chair, is widely used in Asia for its quality, comfort, and appearance.

The mamasan chair is basically a papasan “love seat”. It is a favorite chair for couples and its cushions come in a wide variety of colors and prints. Let’s have a deeper look at the mamasan chair, so you can decide if it is a worthy investment for you.

Mamasan chair in living room
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Mamasan Chair Frames

In the past, the mamasan chair was a handcrafted piece of art and a favorite for people who loved exceptional and original designs. Today, the frame of a mamasan chair is normally made of rattan, wicker or bamboo.  All of these materials have various benefits and colors.

If you are looking for the highest quality mamasan chair, you mostly can’t go wrong with rattan frames. Rattan is known for its strength and a wide selection of colors. If you prefer a more natural look, however, consider choosing mamasan chairs that feature bamboo frames.  Unfortunately, this light-colored material is hollow inside, and hence not as sturdy as rattan.


Mamasan chair wooden frame
Image Source: Pinterest

If you prefer something unique, wicker mamasan chair can be a perfect choice. Wicker is woven out of bamboo, rattan, or other material, delivering a unique look. What if you are more into modern style?

There are also mamasan chairs made from lightweight steel or plastic, which gives you beautiful and a modern feel.

Mamasan Chair Cushions

Most mamasan chair frames come with a cushion. If you are lucky, you can even get a mamasan with a matching ottoman. However, you can also purchase these accessories separately. It is advisable to consider where the chair will go in your home before you make a purchase. This is because the frame and cushion need to match the décor of your space.


Chair cushion isolated on white background
Image Source: ksena32
Mamasan chair isolated on white background
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Many mamasan cushions are filled with crushed poly fiber, which is basically made from recycled plastic. Hence, mamasan chairs are normally considered environmentally friendly. Conversely, the cushion covers are normally composed of a combination of cotton and polyester. Nonetheless, you can also get covers made of microfiber and chenille.

If you want to lounge in your mamasan outside, consider getting an all-weather cushion cover, which is also available in a wide variety of options.

Where to Place Mamasan Chair

Rattan chair on the terrace with the backdrop of the field.
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You can place your mamasan chairs anywhere in your home, including outdoors.  Before purchasing a mamasan, however, you should consider where you will place it because the frame and cushion should match the rest of the room.

With the wide variety of mamasan cushion covers, you can either perfectly match your home’s decor or frequently change the look of your chair. If you want to get a matching ottoman for your chair, be sure you have enough room for this beautiful addition.

Front yard decor with blue mamasan and papasan chairs
Image Source: Houzz

Final thoughts

Mamasan chair is a necessity for many homeowners, especially those with a special someone in their life. It is a romantic way for relaxing with your partner. This chair is sturdy and large enough to ensure a comfortable sitting. It can accommodate persons of all weights without the worry of breaking it or falling over. The mamasan is also a great investment if you have little children. Always consider where the chair will go before you buy one to ensure the cushion and frame match your room décor.




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