Makeup Mirror – Choosing the Right Magnifying Mirror for Makeup

Makeup Mirror – Choosing the Right Magnifying Mirror for Makeup

Have you ever applied makeup in the bathroom, only to find that your face looks quite different from when you left home? This normally occurs when there’s insufficient light where you apply your makeup, or the makeup mirror is too large or too small. In fact, not using the right mirror raises the likelihood of using the wrong shades of cosmetics. You even could end up applying more of the makeup than you need.

The best solution to this problem is to choose the right makeup mirror magnification. With the right magnifying makeup mirror, you will have an easier time applying makeup and dressing up. You’ll also be certain that you have a fresh-looking and beautiful face whenever you set out.

In that light, we present you valuable tips for choosing the right magnifying mirror for makeup.

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Mirrors Range from 0 to 15x Magnification

Makeup mirrors have different magnification powers, ranging from 0 to 15x. The higher the level of magnification, the closer the view. You know what this means?

A mirror with 10x magnification will give you a 0.5-inch field of view. Conversely, you should expect a 1.5-inch field of view from a mirror with 5x magnification. The image normally gets distorted at high magnification levels.

As such, you will not be able to view your whole face. When choosing the best makeup mirror, therefore, you should go for a lower magnification level. Magnifications of 5x to 8x are the most recommended.

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Consider Your Eyesight

If you have vision problems, magnification is actually designed for you. That means you should remove your glasses before you put on makeup. A magnifying mirror acts as glasses. Hence, you will be able to see clearly when applying makeup.

What if you don’t have visions problems, but you still need to use a magnification mirror? Then you should go for a mirror with 5x magnification. With this magnification level, you’ll get a clearer look at your face, without the image getting distorted. This choice applies to even those who use contact lenses.

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Consider Your Lighting

The lighting condition in your room is another important consideration when choosing the right mirror magnification. It is advisable to choose a lighted makeup mirror. A mirror with LED natural lights is recommended.

This type of mirror is known to deliver the best lighting for applying makeup. Another great lighting for makeup application is daylight. Natural daylight bulbs can also help you achieve impressive results.

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Mirror Placement

Where you plan to place your mirror will also influence your choice of magnification level. If you plan to hang the mirror on a wall, consider choosing a higher magnification level. You want to see clearly from a considerable distance away.

Conversely, you don’t need a very high magnification if you prefer a tabletop vanity mirror. What if you prefer a handheld mirror for makeup?

Then, you should choose the lowest level of magnification possible. You don’t want to see right into your pores every time you apply makeup.

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Single or Dual-sided Makeup Mirror?

You can go for either a dual or single-sided mirror. A dual-sided mirror may have one side with magnification and the other side without. In some mirrors, however, both sides have magnification.

Dual-sided mirrors with magnification on just one side are the most popular. You want to see the desired magnification, as well as the normal view of your face. Nonetheless, it is up to you to choose the type of mirror that suits your makeup needs.

 Set of decorative cosmetics on table
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Final thoughts

Many ladies are looking for the best makeup mirror to use for their everyday grooming. However, many people don’t know what makes the best mirror for makeup. One of the best ways to choose a good mirror is to consider its magnification. The right magnification will depend on your eyesight, lighting condition, mirror placement among other factors outlined in this article.



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