Luxe Living With a Modern Touch

Luxe Living With a Modern Touch

What comes to your mind when you hear of luxury in the interior design context?

Many of us would think of expensive fixtures, furnishings, and decorative elements. However, you can create a luxurious interior even without using expensive materials. Steve Leung beautifully demonstrates that in this collection of interiors.

Leung takes a somewhat traditional approach. The use of rice paper, nicely placed orchids, blonde wooden frames, and elements of constrained flora silk tell it all. Nonetheless, the interiors exemplify premium finishes and strikingly sharp aesthetics. They are an epitome of deep ambiance and brilliant design.

The mind-blowing styling of the oriental bedroom is enough proof that he is refined at his craft. Silver statement pieces and white conversation pieces are added so artfully. As such, they don’t undermine the functionality or size of the space.

The pieces don’t have a dominating color, hence their high style/low impact effect.

Step into the charming sedimentary bathroom, and you notice a shift in color scheme. The sliding white rice paper doors open up to sleek and vibrant shades of grey. The reflective surfaces add to the brightness of the limitedly-lit space.



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