A Living room makeover on a budget: 5 Tips to Re-do your Living Room on The Cheap

A Living room makeover on a budget: 5 Tips to Re-do your Living Room on The Cheap

Can’t stand coming home to your dull and uninviting living room one more evening but short on cash?

There are numerous ways to decorate your living room without breaking the bank. In that light, we present you some pocket-friendly living room design ideas that will help create a livable, enjoyable, and relaxing place for your friends and family to be.

Modern living room interior
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Bring in Some Color

Adding some bursts of color with vibrant pillows or curtains is an effective and inexpensive way to completely transform a room without investing in new furniture or painting.

It is an excellent option if you are renting your house because painting really is not an option for you.

Beautiful living room decor
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Bright living room interior
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Let There Be Light

You need to add some light to accentuate the new colors in your living room. If your room has an overhead light fixture, it is both quite simple and inexpensive to replace the fixture.

You should choose something that has moveable pieces. A lamp with three or four spotlights can do a great job in this case. It will allow you to change the direction of the lighting depending on what you want to illuminate. And light fixtures go for as low as $30.

Beautiful living room with grey walls
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Paint a Wall

You don’t have to spend lots of hours painting the whole living room. Simply choose one wall and paint it a bold, intense color. The color should match some of the accents present in the room.

This simple thing can add a wonderful depth to your living room. Besides adding a great pop of color, it also adds warmth to the room.

Accent wall in the living room
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Can’t Afford New Furniture?

If your budget doesn’t allow you to get new furnishings, consider investing in some nice slipcovers instead. For the couch, consider keeping the slipcover one solid color. Then add richly textured accent pillows that accentuate the color of the wall you painted. You can also toss a boldly patterned throw casually over the back of the couch or a rocking chair.

Take the furniture away from the walls. Group them together in an intimate fashion that looks comfy and inviting. If you add an area rug that has the colors of the room, place it at the center of the grouping.

Colorful throw pillows give life to the white couch
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Clear The Clutter

Clutter normally makes a room look messy and disorganized. Get rid of the clutter from the floor, furniture, and table tops. This will visually increase the size of your living room. It will look more neat and organized. Be sure that any table has no more than three items placed on the top.

Modern home interior
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Final thoughts

Whenever you’re considering giving your living room a facelift, but have a tight budget, know that not all hope is lost. With some inexpensive ideas, you can transform your lackluster living room into a comfy and livable space. But if you don’t know where to start, you can draw inspiration from the 5 ideas in this article.



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