How to Choose the Best Lighted Mirror – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

How to Choose the Best Lighted Mirror – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

You’ve taken the time to make sure your makeup is great. An hour or two into the day, you realize that your make up is all messed up. You most probably have had such an experience. But why does this happen?

The most common cause is that there is not proper lighting where you’re applying your makeup. Bad lighting conditions can result in mishaps and possibly ruin the whole process. That’s where lighted mirror comes in handy. The ample lighting from a lighted mirror helps you to do your makeup properly.

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With a lighted mirror, you can be able to identify any facial areas with uneven texture or otherwise indiscernible flaws. There is a wide selection of lighted mirrors available on the market today. So, choosing the best one for your needs can be a challenge.

In that light, let’s look at the essential factors to consider when shopping for the best lighted vanity mirror.

Lighting Source

It is imperative that you choose the best lighting source when buying a lighted vanity mirror. You cannot depend on your room’s lighting when it comes to makeup application. Many rooms have yellowish light, which can give you difficulty when applying makeup.

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With insufficient lighting, you may end up applying too much of the makeup. You also don’t want to apply too bright color to your skin complexion. Lighted makeup mirrors normally produce natural light that delivers a natural glow. As such, they make it easier for you when you are putting on makeup.

It is advisable to go for a mirror that allows you to adjust brightness. The mirror should also produce the kind of light that delivers your desired glow. Lighted mirror with LED lights is recommended. You know why?

LED mirrors are normally longer lasting. They also have replaceable bulbs as well as adjusting knob through which you can set the desired brightness. While ordinary lights can also work well for lighted vanity mirrors, they normally require several bulbs to deliver the desired glow.

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Magnification Level

Different lighted makeup mirrors have different magnification levels. While some mirrors have x5 magnification, others have x8 magnification. You can even get a mirror with x15 magnification.

Magnification is significant for various reasons. If you are applying makeup that requires precision, for instance, it’s imperative that you have a close-up of what you’re doing. Likewise, when you are using a concealer, you need a lighted magnifying mirror to see how the colors blend together.

It is advisable to buy a mirror with multiple magnifications. This will help you to see finer details of various parts of your face without difficulties.

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 View of makeup room with decorative cosmetics and tools on dressing table
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Size and Weight

Another important consideration when choosing a lighted mirror is the size and weight. This consideration largely depends on the intended purpose of the mirror. If you’re looking for a travel mirror, then a light and small mirror would be a perfect choice.

If you want a lighted tabletop mirror, be sure the base of the mirror is somewhat heavy for increased stability. 5-inch sized mirrors are ideal for kids while mirrors of at least 7 inches are well-suited for adults. Likewise, large mirrors are best for table tops whereas medium-sized mirrors are great for wall-mounted lighted mirrors.

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Power Source

This consideration also depends on the purpose of the mirror. For a travel mirror, you should go for one with rechargeable batteries. For other types of mirrors, consider choosing the one with both rechargeable batteries and plug-on-the-wall cable.

It is advisable to look for a convenient power source. Namely, some mirrors require more power watts for proper illumination.

View of makeup room with decorative cosmetics and tools on dressing table
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Final thoughts

Proper lighting helps you to view finer details when you are applying makeup. The end result is a head-turning look. That’s why you need a makeup mirror with lights. There is a vast selection of lighted mirrors out there. You need to choose the one that will help you look your best when you set out. You should consider the lighting source, magnification, power source, as well as size and weight when choosing the best lighted mirror.



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