The Best Way to Light up Vanity Mirrors for Flawless Makeup

The Best Way to Light up Vanity Mirrors for Flawless Makeup

You’ve taken your sweet time in front of the vanity mirror to ensure your make up is on point. Everything looks flawless, but once you step out in the sun, your makeup looks completely different.

You may think you messed up when applying makeup, but that’s not the case. You most probably just applied your makeup under the wrong type of lighting. That begs the question: what’s the best way to light up vanity mirrors for flawless makeup?

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In this article, we review various kinds of lighting, so you can know the best way to light up vanity mirrors. Read on.

Nothing Beats Natural Light

There’s no better way to light up vanity mirrors than with natural light. Nothing will give you a more accurate view than light from the sun. When applying makeup, you need soft, ambient light.

There should be no shadows highlighted on your face. That means you have to look straight into the light. Don’t let the light hit one angle of your face. Otherwise, it will cast a shadow and you will end up applying too much of the makeup.  

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Avoid These 4 Types of Light

In some types of lighting, your skin will look so perfect in the vanity mirror, only to step outside the house and realize you missed a spot. So, you should not light up vanity mirrors with the following lights:

  • Yellow Light: Yellow light makes one look tired and sick. As a result, you’ll go overboard on the powder and concealer in a bid to neutralize your face and conceal dark spots.
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  • Fluorescent Lighting: Cool, fluorescent white light can be very unflattering. It will make you go overboard with the foundation, blush, or bronzer. All this in a bid to cover up for the lack of color on your face.
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  • Rosy Light: This kind of lighting can make your face look healthy and radiant. As a result, you may slack on the concealer, only to later find out that you missed a glaring dark spot.
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  • Downlighting: Downlighting is another way not to light up vanity mirrors. It shines down on wrinkles and pigmentation. It also casts shadows under the eyes. Consequently, you will look older.
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Now, let’s look at the best way to light up vanity mirrors aside from natural light.

LED Light Mimics Natural Light the Best

White LED bulbs are the best source of light during makeup application. In the absence of natural light, LED light will mimic it the best. This explains why most lighted vanity mirrors have LED lights.

It is also worth noting that LED bulbs also last longer compared to other types of bulbs. In fact, LED bulbs last about 6 times longer than fluorescent and 40 times longer than incandescent. That makes them of the most expensive options for lighting up vanity mirrors.

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Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter how great you are at applying makeup. If your lighting is off, you most probably won’t get the desired results. In order to get a flawless finish, you need to work under good lighting conditions. That means you have to either use natural light or LED bulbs to light up vanity mirrors.



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