Is Leather Office Chair a Good Choice for Office Chair?

Is Leather Office Chair a Good Choice for Office Chair?

Ask any office chair user and they will tell you to invest in a leather office chair if you want to make your work comfortable.

Many office chair users believe that a leather office chair is the best chair you can have. In fact, for many years, leather office chairs have been considered the epitome of luxury and success. But are they really your best choice for an office chair?

While they are highly sought after and have numerous advantages, leather office chairs also have some disadvantages. Hence, you might want to know both the pros and cons of a leather office chair before you consider investing in one.

Let’s dive in.

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Advantages of Leather Office Chairs

Easy to maintain

You might be at a loss whether to pair your office desk with a leather office chair or a fabric-material chair. But if you want a chair that is easy to clean and maintain, a leather chair would be your best choice.

To clean leather upholstery, you need to simply wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Maintenance is equally easy. All you need to do is apply a special leather cleaner at least every six months.

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That will keep the chairs overall appearance in top condition. In fact, if properly maintained, a good quality leather office chair will develop a pleasant staining over time. This explains why high-quality leather chairs develop a pleasantly unique appearance as they age.

Exudes Class and Prestige

Whether you’re working from home or office, a leather office chair looks great in any business environment. It gives off a feeling of prestige and class.

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It is worth noting that 90% of leather office chairs come in the standard black color. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get an office chair in other colors, such as green, white, and burgundy. So you can always get a leather office chair that blends well with the rest of your workspace décor.

That said, let’s look at the main disadvantages of leather office chairs.

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Disadvantages of Leather Office Chairs

Unfriendly to Clothes

Leather chairs have been found to wear out clothes more quickly than fabric or mesh office chairs. And if your work environment normally gets too hot, your leather chair may cause you to sweat excessively.

Fortunately, you can avoid the sweating problem by investing in a high-quality leather chair that has a breathable finish.

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Cheap Leather

This is not really a disadvantage of leather chairs. It is more of the buyer’s fault. It is worth mentioning, nonetheless.

Many people are duped into buying cheap leather office chairs. These chairs are normally made of waste, low-quality pieces of leather. The result, low-quality chair that won’t stand the test of time. So, you end up wasting money when you thought you got a bargain.

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Final thoughts

Naturally, leather office chairs are the best choice for an office chair for many people. Nonetheless, a leather office chair may not necessarily be the best choice for you. With any chair, there are advantages and disadvantages.  While leather office chairs exude luxury and power, your expensive clothes might not last as expected when using some of these chairs. Therefore, you should consider both the negatives and positives before you make your buying decision. But in many cases, the positives far outweigh the negatives!



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