Lanterns: How to Add a Striking Glow to Your Home Interior

Lanterns: How to Add a Striking Glow to Your Home Interior

There’s nothing more soothing than a room illuminated by a warm glow of lanterns. That glow can revitalize your day, calm your heart, and focus your mind. You can’t compare it with the harsh fluorescent bulbs or the traditional dull overhead lights.

Lanterns are not just functional décor; they are versatile as well. You can use them for a variety of purposes. Besides providing an alternative source of lighting, they can also lighten up a boring room as well as reflect your personality and style.

Let’s explore some creative ways to incorporate lanterns into your interior design and décor.

Stained Glass Lantern – Adds Charm to Your Living Room

stained glass
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You can incorporate lanterns into your living room to serve as a source of lighting as well as a striking piece of art. A stained glass lantern can be a perfect choice in this case. It can add an exceptional brand of elegance to an otherwise ordinary living room.

If you need a more elaborate option, consider vintage Moroccan stained lantern. This is an excellent solution for any room that needs a pop of color.

You can also create your own stained glass lanterns if you are a DIY enthusiast. How do you this?

Simply get ordinary ones with clear glass. Then, decorate them with gemstones and craft paint.

Lantern with glass stained decoration
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Bedroom Lantern – Creates a Romantic Aura in the Room

Normally, candles are the first thing that would come to your mind when you think of creating a romantic evening.

You can take this concept to a whole new level with the aid of romantic bedroom lanterns. Start by placing a scented candle in the center of a decorative lantern. Then, set this feature atop a nightstand, dresser, vanity, or end table.

Room with bed, dresser, decorative lantern and mirror
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White lantern for candle and many white roses
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Illuminate the Hallway by Attaching Lanterns to Walls

Looking to add some fun to your dull and drab hallway? There are several options to work with.

You can add paintings and photos to lighten up the space. If you want a more exciting solution, however, consider attaching wall lanterns for both lighting and decoration.

Lantern Chandeliers Create an Eclectic Look in the Dining Room

If you’re looking to have a unique dining room design, consider replacing the ordinary ceiling chandelier with several lanterns.

You can hang them above your dining table to create a more eclectic look. If you prefer simplicity, however, simply replace the ordinary chandelier with one large lantern. What if you don’t like the idea of hanging lantern chandeliers?

Modern kitchen
Image Source: marog-pixcells

There are several other ways to spice up your dining room with lanterns. For instance, a small metal lantern can make for an outstanding dining table centerpiece. Likewise, you can place a floor lantern alongside an end table or dish display in your dining area.

Adopt a Vintage Look

You can get vintage lanterns from antique stores. Such lanterns are available in a wide range of styles and they are made from different materials, including metal, wood, and stone. You should take the time to choose vintage lanterns that perfectly blends with the rest of your home décor.

Metal lantern with space on dark background
Image Source: sirirak

Final Thoughts

Lantern lighting is one of the simplest and most stylish forms of decoration in the world of interior design. Lanterns present you endless options when it comes to enhancing your interior décor. You can do so much with them. This article gives you some ideas to inspire.




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