Lanterns for Weddings: Guide to Choosing and Using the Best Paper Lanterns for Your Wedding

Lanterns for Weddings: Guide to Choosing and Using the Best Paper Lanterns for Your Wedding

Looking to add some extra elegance and comfort your wedding? Why not use lanterns for weddings?

There are numerous options of wedding lanterns. However, paper lanterns are the most popular. Paper lanterns can work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor settings.

However, choosing the right paper lanterns for your wedding can be a challenge. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.

That’s where this guide comes in handy. You’ll learn much about choosing and using paper lanterns for weddings in both outdoor and outdoor settings.

Types of Paper Lanterns

There are two primary types of paper lanterns – Floating lanterns and standard paper lanterns.  are perfect for use as part of a wedding décor. Shall we look at them?

Floating Lanterns

 A chinese lantern with lots more in the background
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A large group of chinese flying lanterns.
Image Source: James Thew

Are you looking to have a wedding ceremony with a magical romantic twist? Then, floating lanterns should be your ideal choice.

Floating lanterns arouse a feeling of amazement and thrill as the lights float up in the air. They are native to China. These lanterns are paper structures built around a wire or bamboo frame.

They contain a candle made from a wax-like substance inside them. When the candle burns, it heats the air inside the lantern. Consequently, the lantern rises as the heated air is less dense than the air in its surroundings.  Floating lanterns are fairly cheap and create an amazing, fairy tale atmosphere.

Note that floating lanterns are illegal outdoors is some regions. This is because they pose fire and air traffic hazards. So, before buying floating lanterns for weddings be sure you are allowed to use them in your desired wedding venue.

Standard paper lanterns

Standard paper lanterns don’t float in the air. They’re available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes. They’re normally held in place using wires. These lanterns also have numerous light source options.

Paper Chinese lanterns are used as decorations or decor for this classy wedding reception.
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Paper lanterns decoration
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What You Should Consider When Buying Lanterns for Weddings

There are several factors to consider when it comes to buying paper lanterns for your wedding. Let’s look at three essential factors – shape, size, and the lighting type.


Paper lanterns for weddings are available in in a variety of sizes. The sizes range from 6 to 20 inches in diameter. Why is the size important?

The size of these lanterns influences how many you will need for your event. It also helps in determining the maximum number that you can use for your occasion. If the lanterns are very small, for instance, and you use just a few, you may not get sufficient lighting.

So, it is imperative that you strike a balance between the appropriate size and the space you need to light. This ensures that you get a desirable effect.

White and cyan round Chinese paper lanterns hanging under the ceiling
Image Source: Olga


When it comes to the choice of shape, flower ball paper lanterns are the most popular. They are circular in shape. They also comprise numerous paper flowers. Pink, red, and white rose flower balls are usually the most popular options for wedding ceremonies.

Square lanterns, on the other hand, are versatile. They feature a square, flat base. This means that you can suspend them from the ceiling. You can also use them as table lighting and weddings linens direct décor. They are unlike round lanterns, which you can only suspend from the ceiling or walls.

Water burning yellow lanterns on the lake amid tall green grass
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How to Use Paper Lanterns for Weddings

You can use paper lanterns to create not only a fascinating, romantic atmosphere. They can also serve as a warm, inviting source of light.

If your wedding venue is indoor, you can suspend paper lanterns from the ceiling and the walls. You can also use floating lanterns, which do not need suspension.

You can also place paper lanterns for weddings outside if weather allows. In this case, consider stringing them in trees or placing them at ground level. This is an especially brilliant idea if the celebrations are to take place after night fall.

Party Lanterns
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Paper lanterns decoration
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Would you love a lighted pathway? If yes, why not suspend the lanterns from a curved, shepherd’s crook? You will love the results.

You can also use paper lanterns as table decorations. They can work well with some fresh flowers placed on the top. Another brilliant way to use them is by combining white lanterns with blinking fairy lights. While the lanterns provide a vibrant, glowing ambient light, the fairy lights give tiny, sparkling pinpoints of light.

Final Thoughts

Paper lanterns for weddings are an effective way to create romance at a wedding. They are a source of incredible elegance and magical fun. They are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. However, you need to get the right paper lanterns in order to achieve the best effect. With this article, you will be able to buy the right paper lanterns. Likewise, you’ll know how to use them to achieve desirable effects on your special day.



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