Why Buy Windsor Shaker Ivory Kitchen from Kitchen Collection?

Why Buy Windsor Shaker Ivory Kitchen from Kitchen Collection?

Kitchen collection is an epitome of premium quality. They’ve been supplying luxury kitchens for over two decades. The company is committed to offering high-quality products at the most competitive products.

Kitchen collection offers a wide range of kitchen styles.  The styles range from traditional to contemporary styles. However, the shaker style kitchen is one of the most outstanding. What’s a shaker style kitchen?

Contemporary Windsor shaker ivory kitchen
Image Source: KitchenCollection.co

A shaker style kitchen is one that features a classic, simple design. It is not only durable but practical as well.  One of the significant features of shaker kitchens is their wooden worktops. Most of them also have peg rails. So you can easily hang items such as aprons and utensils.

Benefits of Choosing a Shaker Kitchen from Kitchen Collection

You can derive loads of benefits from a shaker style kitchen. Besides being practical and durable, these kitchens are versatile and stylish. In fact, shaker kitchen sits somewhere between being traditional and contemporary. That means it can look great in virtually any home.

White shake ivory kitchen design
Image Source: KitchenCollection.co

You can even combine a shaker kitchen with a panel kitchen. This will create a more contemporary look and feel. This also provides a timeless backdrop. That allows the accents and decorations around your kitchen to make it rustic and traditional or sharp and contemporary.

There is an assortment of shaker style kitchens at kitchen collection. However, Windsor Shaker Ivory is one of the most outstanding.

Kitchen island
Image Source: KitchenCollection.co


White windsor shaker ivory kitchen interior
Image Source: KitchenCollection.co

Let’s have a deeper look at Windsor Shaker Ivory kitchen. You need to decide if it really fits your definition of a luxury kitchen.

Windsor Shaker Ivory Kitchen Review

The Windsor Shaker Ivory kitchen is perfectly built with a timeless shaker style. It features an ingenious combination of Ash timber grain effect foil on 22-mm thick MDF core. The solid shaker style kitchen sports a price tag much lower than its refined look suggests.

This premium shaker kitchen from Kitchen Collection features Five Piece Shaker Style Door, MDF core draped in an open-grained planked Ash effect in a semi-matte finish.

That said, let’s look at the carcass specification:

Modern kitchen interior
Image Source: KitchenCollection.co

Windsor Shaker Ivory Carcass Specification

Kitchen collection upholds exception quality. As such, irrespective of range, all of their products are crafted to the same high specification:

  • All units are of firm, glued and dowelled build as opposed to simply cam and dowel.
  • Carcasses, drawer systems, and hinges can last a lifetime.
  • Windsor shaker ivory kitchens are constructed from 18-mm MFC Egger board. This includes the sides, back, as well as shelves. This promotes strength and rigidity.
  • The units feature adjustable legs with an extra front leg for double units for improved support.
  • Kitchen collection provides a choice of at least 30 colors at no extra cost. With this, you can color coordinate with the door color or opt for something totally different.
Interior of a modern kitchen
Image Source: KitchenCollection.co


Windsor shaker ivory kitchen design in bright kitchen with light blue walls
Image Source: KitchenCollection.co

Windsor Shaker Ivory Kitchen blend contemporary styling with Windsor’s innovative construction. That’s a proof that it is easy to create a classy look while maintaining a pocket-friendly budget.

Final Thoughts

Shaker style kitchens are perhaps the ultimate in timeless classics that offer an unmatched versatility of design. The construction of Windsor Shaker Ivory kitchen means you can achieve a classy looking kitchen without having to break a bank. That’s exactly what Kitchen Collection stands for – providing the best quality at the lowest price.




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