Kilim Rugs: What’s Their Significance in Home Decoration?

Kilim Rugs: What’s Their Significance in Home Decoration?

What are Kilim rugs? These are flat weaved designed patterns made by interweaving various colors of warps and wefts. Kilim is actually the technique used to create the designed pattern. These rugs offer wonderful patterns and brilliant colors like no other rug. They work well with virtually all types of décor, be it modern, shabby chic, minimal, country, etc.

There are several reasons why you should consider buying Kilim rugs. Shall we look at some of them?


Kilim rugs are very versatile. Namely, their designs and colors along with other features make them easily adaptable to a wide range of purposes in home décor. They are also beautiful and affordable. So, you can use them not only as rugs, but also as wall hangings, bedspreads, table cloths, throws, and cushion covers.

There are numerous ways that Kilims can enhance the look of the surroundings in any décor style, including modern, classic, and rustic. Working with these rugs can be exciting and you can use them not only in your home but also in your workplace. When used on the floor of your office, Kilim rugs make the workplace feel more inviting and somewhat less formal.

When you are decorating with these rugs, it is imperative that you follow your sense of style.  Kilim rugs will only flow beautifully if you follow your instincts. So, when looking for Kilim rug decorating ideas, only choose those styles that meet your personal preferences.

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Easy To Clean

Kilim rugs are incredibly easy to clean, thanks to their flat-weave nature. This makes them a great choice for busy homes. Namely, rugs that experience a lot of foot traffic are bound to become dirty quickly. Fortunately, it takes only a gentle hand wash to clean these flat-weave rugs.  Nonetheless, it is imperative that you be careful when doing the cleaning in order to preserve the color and integrity of the rug.

It is also worth noting that Kilim rugs are normally reversible. This is another great feature that makes them a favorite of busy households. As colors fade with time, you can turn the rug over for an ‘as new’ look. Hence, it can take pride of place in your home for many years.

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How to Use Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are the ideal eclectic piece to make any space stand out. Their patterned and bold presence serves to add subtle interest without being domineering.  They look spectacular when spread over carpeting or other rugs, tiles, or top of marble or hardwood floors. Moreover, they can easily resist dirt and stains.

If you love basic colors and décor, these rugs can offer the perfect pop of color and a punch of interest. Their detailed and layered colors and patterns can work perfectly with other colors in your home. In fact, if there is some of the same color elsewhere, like in a blanket, curtain, or throw pillow, it will be seamless.

For instance, you can go for some rust colored pieces like wall hangings or vases to incorporate the rust-like piece embedded in a Kilim rug. It is up to you to decide whether or not to let the rugs stand out as a centerpiece or allow them to blend in.

How To Buy Kilim Rugs

Traditional kilim rugs have symbolic meaning woven into their patterns. Kilim weaving was historial undertaken by native women, with the rugs forming part of their dowry as well as a source of revenue. The symbols woven into the rug normally represented the wishes of the maker. These included symbols of:

  • Fertility and motherhood
  • Safety from danger
  • Protection for family and property

When you purchase a kilim rug, these symbols can help you know where the rug was woven, how it was woven, and by whom. All of these factors play an integral role when it comes to determining the value of the kilim rug.

A reputable kilim rugs dealer should be able to give you comprehensive information on the Kilim. It takes great expertise to know a quality kilim rug, so it is imperative to go for a dealer that you trust.

Besides the antique kilims, there are also premium quality modern kilim rugs that are being developed. These modern kilims feature the same flat weave and natural fibers. However, their geometric patterns are pushed to a more abstract style to ensure they match the rising interest in post-modern interior design.

You will also need a reputable dealer to guide you on some of these contemporary kilims. You want to be sure you’re getting good value for your money.

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The Bottom Line

Kilim rugs are a hot commodity in today’s world of interior décor. However, they have been around for years and have a rich history. If you take a chance on Kilims, you will be pleasantly surprised. They’re fun to place in any space for a whole new look. You will receive lots of compliments on this timeless, ornamental piece.


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