5 things That Make Japanese Bathroom Stand Out

5 things That Make Japanese Bathroom Stand Out

Who doesn’t dream of a comfortable, luxurious bathroom? Remodeling a bathroom is an opportunity to craft a space that is unique to your needs and style. A popular bathroom design that is known to offer comfort and tranquility is a Japanese bathroom style. Japanese bathrooms feature elements that make them somewhat superior to their western counterparts.

Vintage wood japanese bathtub
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That said, let’s explore some elements of Japanese bathroom designs that make them to not only stand out from the rest but also deliver the highest levels of functionality, comfort, and class.


A Japanese bathroom is designed differently from its western counterparts. Namely, there are separate compartments for the bathtub, sink area, and toilet. What is the significance of this?

 Japanese style bathroom with brown tiles
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Japanese style bathroom with brown tiles
Image Source: Tiler84

Three people can use the bathroom at one time. There are doors to separate each compartment, ensuring privacy. So, you can conveniently use the toilet while your spouse is taking a bath, and your child is brushing her teeth.


In a Japanese bathroom, there is a seat with water and spray wand. Before getting into the bathtub, you have to clean yourself thoroughly. You should also clean your hair.

This helps to avoid soaking in your own dirt, which is a great idea. There may also be a bucket with a handle for pouring water all over yourself.

Japanese sit-and-wash
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Heated Toilet Seat

The toilet is one of the key elements in any bathroom, and Japanese bathroom is no exception. In fact, the toilet is an integral component of our everyday life. With Japanese bathrooms, the days of freezing your butt off a cold seat belong to the past.

Many Japanese bathrooms feature a heated seat and washlet. The heating element helps you avoid gasping or screaming as your bottoms touch the seat. The Washlet, on the other, pressure-washes all your delicates. You no longer have to worry about clingers and other stinky stuff.

Toilet bowl with electronic control bidet
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Japanese Style Bathtubs

Another key element of Japanese bathroom design and theme is the bathtub. Japanese bathtubs are normally smaller than their western counterparts. They are designed largely for soaking deeply, as opposed to stretching out leisurely.


Modern bathroom interior
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These bathtubs normally come with a seat to allow you to relax in a seated position. Besides the sense of relaxation that a Japanese bathtub has to offer, hot water and proper soak also have numerous health benefits. Namely, hot water has potent stress-relieving properties as well as numerous cardiovascular benefits.

Hot water is effective in dilating blood vessels and enhancing circulation. This, in turn, accelerates the healing process of sour muscles and helps expel toxins from the body.

Wooden Bucket in Contemporary Japanese Bathroom.
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Clothes Dryer

Did you know that you can also dry your clothes in a Japanese bathroom? If you hate ironing your clothes after washing, this could be just what you need. All you need to do is use a control panel to switch on a fan. The fan will fluff your clothes while they hang, and they will dry within no time without wrinkles.

Clothes drying rack
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Ability to Re-use Bath Water

Since you have to clean yourself before getting in the bathtub, the water is normally clean enough to be used by another person. You can even suck up the water in a tube that connects to the washing machine. Isn’t that amazingly eco-friendly?

Final thoughts

Japanese bathrooms are quite different to their western counterparts, and nowadays they come with loads of fancy technology. Not only do these bathrooms have a wonderful privacy layout, and an amazingly hygienic way of taking a bath, but they also recycle water with a fascinating, sophisticated system. The above elements of a Japanese bathroom should inspire you to adopt the style for your home.



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