Japanese Bathroom Design: How to Add Some Zen-like Vibes to Your Bathroom

Japanese Bathroom Design: How to Add Some Zen-like Vibes to Your Bathroom

Are you a nature lover or a fan of natural colors? Then a Japanese bathroom design can be a perfect choice for your home.

The bathroom is space in the house that is used every day and the Japanese have redefined its purpose over time. They have gradually transformed it from an efficiency-based space to a room where tranquility and comfort reign.

Incorporating an exceptionally tranquil and Zen culture to your home through Japanese bathroom design can be easy, fun, and gratifying.

You just need some know-how and the right tips, as outlined below:

Color Schemes

Japanese bathroom design thrives in the simplicity of color, therefore the design shies away from bright colors and loud patterns. Instead, it focuses on clean lines and lighter tones.

Sunny white bathroom interior with separate bathtub
Image Source: XtravaganT


Bathroom in Grey and Blue Colours
Image Source: krooogle

So, to create a perfect Japanese bathroom, you need to choose colors such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Soft blues
  • Tan

Also, when applied wisely, shades of red can help add a befitting style to the space. Painting the bathroom walls a dominant color, like red, and using black or white accents is an excellent way to add color to the space without overdoing it.

In conclusion, you should emphasize subdued colors. This will give your bathroom the minimalist look that defines Japanese design.

Create Space

Wooden bathroom interior with a white tub, double sinks and mirrors and a tree in a pot.
Image Source: Denisis Magilov

Zen is known for simplicity, and its trademarks are minimalism and abstraction. So, clutter in your bathroom defeats the spirit of Zen. This includes the clutter of Japanese artifacts.

You need to use few fixtures. These should either be positioned as far apart as possible or grouped together, leaving the rest of the room empty. Windows and mirrors also help enhance the feeling of space.

Likewise, in-wall storage cabinets ensure that towels and other accessories are invisible. Indirect ceiling lighting beaming onto your bathroom walls will make the ceiling seem higher. Allow one of the ceiling lights to shine on a calligraphy painting on the wall to create a meditative spot.

Honor Nature

The connection with nature is an integral element of Japanese bathroom. A window with a beautiful view of the garden, a skylight that brings light into the room, and items crafted with natural materials strengthen the connection with nature. They also bring harmony and balance into your Japanese bathroom.

Another great way to incorporate nature into a Japanese bathroom is to make use of plants. Bamboo and potted moss plants make a great choice as they are extremely popular in Japanese culture and decoration. The plants reflect the minimalist look that Japanese bathrooms are known for.

When placing bamboo and moss plants in your bathroom, be sure to put them in areas that won’t obstruct anyone using the room. This minimizes clutter and enhances minimalism.

Washbasin with towel and decoration in bathroom
Image Source: Ake1150


Interior of the modern Japanese bathroom
Image Source: Dmitry Koksharov

Tub Time

Soaking tubs are focal points of Japanese bathroom design. They are fairly small but exceptionally deep. It is worth noting that bathing is an art, as well as spiritual activity, in Japanese culture.

Soaking tubs include a special seat, known as a bench seat. You can rest on the bench seat while taking a bath. The tubs are normally made of stone, porcelain, copper, or steel. Installing a soaking tub in your bathroom will create a distinctive Japanese feel that will make your room feel unique.

Bathtub and shower in new luxury home
Image Source: bmak

Final Thoughts

A Japanese style bathroom is the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the tranquility and comfort of an exotic spa at home. This bathroom design is defined by minimalism, simplicity, and ergonomics. Furthermore, it is a great way to give your bathroom a signature look that you won’t find in many western homes. With the tips above, you’ll be able to create a unique, Japanese bathroom in your home.





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