Can Jack and Jill Bathroom Work For Your Home?

Can Jack and Jill Bathroom Work For Your Home?

Looking for inspiration on budget-friendly and space-efficient bathroom designs? Jack and Jill Bathroom style can be a great solution for you.

Named after the two kids in the nursery rhyme, the Jack and Jill bathroom design rose to prominence in the 1970s. It was designed largely for families with children. The concept is that the bathroom has two doors, and is accessible from two bedrooms. This makes it easier for people to share the bathroom.

The Jack and Jill bathroom is ideal for couples as well as for siblings who share the washroom. If your house has only one bathroom, then this design makes it easier for family members to access the washroom. There are several other benefits that come with Jack and Jill bathrooms. Shall we look at them?

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Jack and Jill Bathroom is Space-efficient and Cost-effective

You will agree that bathroom remodeling is not cheap. Moreover, the space needed for a bathroom can take up a substantial real estate in a floor plan. So, if you have a large family, private washroom for each bedroom can be too much. Conversely, using one bedroom to serve two bedrooms can effectively save space and money.

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Jack and Jill Bathroom Offers Equality to Family Members

While it is largely shared between two bedrooms, this bathroom can also be shared between a bedroom and a common space, such as a hallway. In the case of sharing between two bedrooms, you can lock the bathroom from either side. This ensures the bedrooms remain separate and private.

You can also make the bathroom private, thanks to the locks. With a Jack and Jill bath, your children will also learn the art of sharing and to compromise on their toiletry timetables.

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Jack and Jill Bath Essentials

In order to ensure the success of your Jack and Jill bathroom, there are some amenities that you must add. They include the following:

  • Locks – To ensure the privacy of both bedrooms and their occupants, you need to install locks on both sets of doors. Be sure the doors lock on both sides. However, everyone should always remember to unlock all the doors when they leave. Otherwise, they will lock one bedroom out of the washroom.
  • Two Sinks – While this bathroom shares a toilet and bath or shower, it should have two sinks. This ensures that the less-private activities, such as teeth brushing, can take place concurrently.
  • Double Up on Storage and Accessories – You should keep things equitable and running efficiently. You can achieve this by having enough towel bars, vanity mirrors, as well as storage space.
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Cons of Jack and Jill Bathrooms

The major drawback to the normal Jack and Jill bath is that it is landlocked between two bedrooms. So, it cannot be accessed from the rest of the house. However, some homeowners create a third entrance from the hallway.

It is also worth noting that creating this bathroom is a permanent renovation in your home. So, when the kids finally move out, you will be left with an isolated washroom that has no access from the outside hallway. Nonetheless, your contractor can always advise you on how to go around this issue.

You can even turn the bedrooms into fully functional offices, a home theatre alongside a recreation room, or dual guest bedrooms. You can’t run out of ideas on how to utilize the facilities once the kids leave.

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Final thoughts

A Jack and Jill bathroom provides great convenience when two people have to share a bathroom. Access is great for both parties. You don’t have to exit a bedroom and go into a corridor before going into the bathroom. This is an excellent bathroom style if you want to save space by not have a private washroom for each bedroom.



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