Installing Small Backyard Pools: 4 Critical Things to Keep in Mind

Installing Small Backyard Pools: 4 Critical Things to Keep in Mind

Did you know there are small backyard pools for small spaces?

Virtually every family likes the idea of having a swimming pool in their own backyard. However, many homeowners with limited spaces in their backyard shun the idea of getting a pool. They either think it will occupy their entire yard, or that such a small pool will look unsightly.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of innovative small backyard pools that can make the best use of limited space. You only have to get several things right. In that light, we present you 4 essential things to keep in mind when installing small backyard pools.

Small backyard pools - Great Idea Hub
Image Source: Iriana/ Backyard with small beautiful swimming pool

Always Work With a Professional

You need to engage a professional when considering installing a pool in your small backyard. Small spaces are normally more challenging than expansive spaces because every square centimeter counts. A simple mistake can cost you big time!

With an experienced pool designer, however, you can come up with a great pool design, which will bring out the best of your small backyard.

Be Conscious of Balance of Scale

Installing small backyard pools requires that you are conscious and sympathetic to proportions. What does this mean?

Be sure that your pool fits the available space and has a sense of belonging. It should not dominate your yard. Likewise, you should position the pool to a boundary with a sunny afternoon aspect.

Small backyard pools - Great Idea Hub
Image Source: Coprid/ Small private backyard pool


Small backyard pools - Great Idea Hub
Image Source: Iriana/ Wood porch with pation dining table set and great view on swimming pool

This is to ensure that the central remaining space is clear and open. It is also worth noting that there are various critical engineering considerations needed when digging near a boundary. Hence, you might need property protection works to safeguard the neighboring properties.

Generally, if you can keep your pool 1000 mm off the boundary, you can largely avoid these issues.

Think Outside-The-Box on Pool Fences

You should think differently when choosing pool fences for small-spaced pools. This is especially when it comes to fences that will further undermine the functionality of the remaining open spaces, both inside and outside the pool area.

Limited spaces can open up the fascinating option of building the pool out of the ground by 1200mm. This will allow you to use the pool wall as the pool barrier. Then, you would need only two things for your safety elements to be complete:

  • The right boundary fences
  • A pool-compliant gate at the base of the steps that take you up to the swimming pool level.

This option has several positives. However, it raises some compliance issues, like overlooking and balustrade requirements. Hence, it is imperative that you are careful.

The recommended height of pool barrier is 1200mm. Hence, if it is the pool, it could hide the water view from the internal vistas. In that light, it is advisable to build your pool 900mm out of the ground. Then, you should add a 300mm deep gutter of either feature pebbles or non-climbable plants. This is to make sure that you meet the 1200 mm vertical compliance requirement.

This is an excellent option as it allows you to see more water from the neighboring landscape. It is advisable to check your local state pool compliance regulations since they differ slightly from one state to another.

Keep it Simple

Small backyard pools - Great Idea Hub
Image Source: Murmakova/ Small pool in the garden

It is imperative that you keep things simple when installing small backyard pools. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t add some ornamental elements, such as a small and subtle water spout or a feature facade backdrop. In fact, if your pool is out of the ground, and you can afford it, an acrylic window can be a wonderful design feature if the design style suits your taste.

When designed well, with chic integrated elements, limited space pools can significantly enhance your family’s lifestyle. They can create lifelong memories despite their shape and size. They can also be a wonderful investment when it comes to your property value returns.

Final thoughts

When you don’t have much of space in your yard to work with, a pool could be the last thing you would think about. However, there is a wide selection of small backyard pools that can fit any space and enhance the coolness of your small backyard. You just need to be a little creative and this article provides some insights to get you started.

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