Industrial Décor: 5 Things that Make an Industrial Style Space

Industrial Décor: 5 Things that Make an Industrial Style Space

If you want to savor all the comfort that a modern home has to offer, without completely abandoning history, then you might want to try industrial décor in your home.

Industrial décor is what you should go for if you want to create a true industrial feel in your space. It is a clean, utilitarian style. It showcases neutral tones, functional objects, and metal and wood surfaces.

View inside luxury industrial Loft apartment
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Industrial décor can be great for modern homes, loft apartments, and commercial spaces. Here, we explore 5 keys elements of industrial décor so you can create that graceful industrial look in your space.

Open Space

Industrial décor is normally characterized by bold, stand-out elements. These elements need to stand out and shine, and hence the need for sufficient space. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic by putting too many items in one place.

Panorama view in old industrial loft apartment
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In fact, an industrial decoration will turn out great if you are working with an open floor plan. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve an industrial look with a small space. You still can achieve the desired look if you use the space wisely. Nonetheless, industrial designs work best for huge spaces.

Unfinished Look

Industrial Loft Apartment
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In industrial design, you should expose raw architectural elements instead of covering them up. The space needs to look unfinished. But how do you make this happen?

  • Play up old brick walls, concrete walls, ceiling beams.
  • Consider leaving pipes, ducts, and wires artfully exposed.
  • Keep your large metallic-windows unembellished

Hard Floors

Ever seen any factory floor with a carpet? First, carpets are pretty difficult to clean, and hence not ideal for a factory environment. You know what this means?

Industrial style apartment
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Concrete walls in industrial apartment
Image Source: Home-designing

If you want to create an industrial look, you can’t use carpets on your floors. You need to invest in hard floors. Speaking of hard floors, hardwood and concrete are the best options. They are effective in creating a smooth, clean look typical of industrial spaces.

You can consider adding some rugs to add a touch of warmth. Be sure to use a cool color scheme and minimal print.

Beautiful industrial style bedroom
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Brick wall in industrial bedroom
Image Source: Home-designing

Vintage Accessories

Industrial décor normally cuts across vintage and contemporary styles to achieve its unique look. An industrial space can be off-putting sometimes. But you can use vintage elements to make it warm and inviting.

Instead of keeping your clothes in a stuffy dresser, for instance, you can keep them in a steel filing cabinet. Be sure that the furnishings you choose are all minimalist and extremely functional.

Art pieces should be vintage, edgy or both. You need to add some warmth to your space without compromising the industrial feel.

Modern industrial apartment
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Bed in old industrial vintage Loft apartment
Image Source: Christian Hillebrand

Wood and Metal Elements

Wood and metal play an integral role industrial décor. So consider playing up that iron staircase, wooden shelving, or single pane window with metal frame in your home.

If the architecture of your home doesn’t comprise these elements, consider adding them in form of accessories. There are so many ways to do this. You can invest in a metal coffee table with thick glass, for instance, for your living room. Likewise, you can place an old metal locker at the entryway to serve as a place for hanging coats.

Modern industrial Loft apartment
Image Source: Christian Hillebrand

Final thoughts

Industrial style décor is rapidly growing in popularity. It could be because it presents homeowners all the comforts of a modern home without neglecting history. Industrial décor is all about artfully exposing the architectural elements that should otherwise be concealed. It is about adding a raw, unfinished look to a well-designed home. It involves selecting decorative pieces that are highly functional. And if you keep the above 5 elements in mind, you can be able to create a fabulous space with an industrial aura.



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