How to Incorporate Indoor Trees in Your Home Decor

How to Incorporate Indoor Trees in Your Home Decor

Besides purifying the air, indoors trees can also add color, shape, and life to your space. They create a connection between outdoor and indoor life. Indoor trees can instantly change your home atmosphere and make you décor feel complete and more inviting.

Interior of beautiful modern veranda with cozy furniture and home plants
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Modern interior of cozy living room
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If you are an urbanite without a yard, indoor trees present you endless opportunities to creating your own indoor jungle.

These trees are also amazingly versatile, which makes them a powerful tool in the world of interior design.

There are numerous ways to add indoor trees to your home interior design. You can use them as the primary feature of a space, a last minute styling detail, a bathroom accent, and so much more.

Let’s look at some creative ways to incorporate indoor trees into your home décor to make delightful accents:

Maximize High Ceilings

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Modern villa, interior, beautiful living room
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Consider maximizing high ceilings and exposed beams with a giant indoor tree that stretches upward. The height of the trees will draw the eye upward to exhibit the architectural lines of the lofted ceiling. Take the living room in the picture shown above, for instance; the shades of cream and natural wood finishes help highlight the excellent green floor-to-ceiling centerpiece.

The fact that the tree is right by the side door entrance to the courtyard is also impressive. As you get into the room, the leaves ease the transition taking the outdoors inside. This also plays off the sun-faded neutral color pallet.

Modern Living Room Interior with white furniture
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Room Dividers

Instead of using furniture and opaque screens to delineate various parts of a larger room, you can use indoor trees to act as visual room dividers. Take the picture shown above, for instance; the dining room and living room blend into one another whereas the more casual kitchen is rather separated by the citrus tree.

Moreover, the bulbous shape of the tree instantly adds personality to the room, and hence creating movement from floor to ceiling.  When it comes to choosing the suitable indoor trees for your home, go for ones that suit your signature style.

This particular tree is not only unique; it is timeless as well. It is stylish yet minimalistic, just like the space within which it lives.

Put Tall Indoor Tree on Wheels

Consider putting a tall fiddle-leaf fig tree in an empty corner of a room. Its large, feathery leaves will fill and transform the space. Be sure to make the tree mobile. In this way, you will be able to roll it away to clean the space or to protect it from excessive sunlight. You just need to get a piece of precut bluestone from a landscaping center mounted on a wheeled caddie.

Red brick wall in spacious white lounge with indoor trees
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Vertical Kitchen Garden

You can also have indoor trees in your kitchen. Simply create a little vertical garden for herbs and succulents. The plants will look awesome in the room, contributing to the overall warm décor. Moreover, you will always have fresh grocery to cook with.

If your kitchen receives sufficient sunlight and you have some patience, you can also consider growing dwarf lime trees in the room.

Modern sink on black kitchen counter with vase of plant
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Final Thoughts

Indoor trees are exceptionally versatile. You can use them in many different ways to spruce up your home’s interior décor and ambiance. The above ideas are just a few ways that you can use indoor trees to add color to your room, use them simply as accent features, or to create a revitalizing and soothing atmosphere.



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