3 Fun Ways to Incorporate Copper into Your Bedroom Decor

3 Fun Ways to Incorporate Copper into Your Bedroom Decor

Looking to add warmth to your bedroom, while upholding the modern feel? Copper would be your best bet. Using copper decor items is an excellent way to add instant warmth, style, and rustic charm to your sanctuary.

Moreover, copper is versatile. It works great with the most modern of interior design styles. You can also use it to complement traditional designs and rustic interiors.

For this article, the purpose is to explore 3 inspiring ways to incorporate copper into your bedroom décor. Read on.

Bright bedroom with double bed, brick wall and rug
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Copper Accent wall

An Accent Wall is one of the easiest ways to add some flair to your bedroom. For the uninitiated, an Accent Wall refers to one wall in a room painted using a different color from the rest of the walls. It is a great way to express your personality.

Likewise, it’s an excellent way to accentuate the theme, mood, as well as colors of other decorative pieces in your room. And a copper accent wall is effective in creating a modern, yet rustic focal point in your bedroom.

Wallpaper with white and copper accents
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There are numerous creative ways to add a copper wall to your bedroom. You can use copper wallpaper, copper tile, copper paint, or copper metal sheets depending on your budget and end goal.

If you prefer going all out with the bling, for instance, then you might want to consider investing in a wall covered with copper metal sheets. Conversely, if you are looking to add it in a subtle way, a wallpaper with a copper accent would work great.  

Copper accent wall in bedroom
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Copper Furniture

Another effective way to incorporate copper in your bedroom design is by investing in copper furniture. The furniture will instantly transform your bedroom and give it a luxurious aura. This may strain your budget. But if you can find copper furniture in classic styles and shapes, your pieces will never go out of style.

Copper nightstand and ladder blanket rack next to big bed with green quilt in white bedroom of spacious apartment
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There is a vast selection of beautiful copper beds, copper nightstands, copper dressers, and much more to choose from in the market today. If you are looking to create a striking rustic bedroom, copper furniture is the way to go.

Leather chair and stool next to copper table with bombilla in guy room with red bike above bed
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Copper Accessories

Accessories are arguably the most versatile and cost-effective way to incorporate copper into your décor. And copper light fixtures are the most popular accessory. The good thing is that these light fixtures come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and price points.

Copper phone on white bedside cabinet next to bed with pastel color pillows and grey bedhead
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So whether you want to have several light fixtures to add drama to your bedroom, or to just hang a single copper light for a subtle effect, you’ll have an easy time finding something that suits your needs.

Other copper accessories that can help add a tasteful amount of glam to your bedroom include candles sticks,  lamps, and vases. You can also place some bold copper pillows on your bed.

Copper industrial lamp hanging in a modern bedroom interior with white walls
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Flowers in vase on small table next to design basket with grey fur in pastel bedroom
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Final thoughts

The use of copper or its imitation is a popular trend in the world of bedroom design and decoration. Its color adds warmth to the room and makes it comfortable and elegant. From copper furniture to copper accents, there are several ways to incorporate copper into your bedroom décor. And if you don’t know where to start, you have this article for some inspiration.



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