IKEA Kitchen Designs – Create a Your Dream Kitchen with IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

IKEA Kitchen Designs – Create a Your Dream Kitchen with IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

It is imperative that everyone who loves to cook has a beautifully designed and well-equipped kitchen. It’s where everything takes place, from food preparation, cooking, the utensils, as well as the ambiance for family gatherings. If you are looking for a dream kitchen, you are actually looking for IKEA Kitchen designs.

Why IKEA kitchen designs?

IKEA kitchen designs make one of the best-known easy-to-create designs. It may save you time, effort, and money by assembling the various components of IKEA kitchen yourself. You don’t even have to be an expert in kitchen design.

Kitchen design
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Besides being known for its cost-effective, stylish furniture pieces, IKEA also has an innovative kitchen planning tool – IKEA 3D kitchen planner. With this kitchen tool, you can create various IKEA kitchen designs in the comfort of your chair. Be they contemporary or traditional-styled IKEA kitchen designs.

From the kitchen planner, you can simply drag and drop components into a layout, view them in 3D, play with different colors, print your design, and get the total cost of your desired IKEA kitchen design. Namely, as you create your IKEA kitchen designs, the tool adds a comprehensive list of all products you choose to include, so you can have an easy time purchasing them.  

loft apartment
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Pros and Cons of IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

Getting a detailed overview of your IKEA kitchen designs in 3D is a nice way to get feel for what your kitchen will look like when you finally install it at home. You should realize, however, that IKEA kitchen designs planner is more of a marketing device than a design tool, so it may have some disadvantages.

In that light, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of this tool:


  • The IKEA 3D Kitchen planner has a user-friendly interface, engineered for the inexperienced kitchen planners.
  • The tool compiles a detailed shopping list as you drop IKEA kitchen design elements into the plan. You can easily switch to the itemized view and get your running total.
Modern kitchen interior
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  • You can’t “walk-through” your kitchen, you have to stay on the outside.
  • You can’t pan the “camera” or viewpoint side to side in 3-D view.
  • Sometimes, an item, such as a cabinet, refuses to be moved or deleted
  • Very limited selection of non-IKEA products i.e. colors, floor coverings, etc.
Kitchen interior
Image Source: Christian Hillebrand

Are There Alternatives to IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner?

If you prefer IKEA kitchen designs to any other design, then the IKEA kitchen planner is an indispensable tool. Namely, the tool locks you right into various IKEA products.

However, if you can consider non-IKEA kitchen designs, there are numerous other online kitchen planners you can use. You can even purchase a professional kitchen design software, especially if you want to create a more generic kitchen design.

Final thoughts

Your dream kitchen is as unique as your personality. So, there is really no formula for how it should look. Creating an IKEA kitchen is the best way to get exactly what you are looking for. This is because IKEA offers a wide range of options at affordable prices. The beauty of investing in IKEA kitchen designs is that you can have the kitchen of your dreams for much less than you could imagine. Moreover, you don’t need to spend money on a professional kitchen designer. You can do everything yourself, thanks to the innovative IKEA 3D kitchen planner.




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