Turn Your Cheap IKEA Dresser to a Classy Vintage Nightstand

Turn Your Cheap IKEA Dresser to a Classy Vintage Nightstand

Looking to spice up your bedroom with a swanky nightstand, but you don’t have the money? Don’t stress over it. In fact, you don’t need to break a bank in order to own an outstanding, customized piece of furniture. You may only need a simple IKEA dresser that goes for as low as $35 in the stores. How’s that even possible, you ask?

Simply follow the instructions below. In the end, you will be able to transform a simple, inexpensive IKEA dresser into a classy vintage nightstand:

Step 1: Get an IKEA Rast Chest

You need to purchase an IKEA RAST chest for this project. This 3-drawer IKEA dresser is fairly cheap, costing a little over $30. It features minimalistic knobs and unfinished wood furnish. Moreover, this dresser has no legs, which would otherwise have to be removed.

Ikea rast chest
Image Source: IKEA

Step 2: Stick Lattice Trims to the Drawers

A cost-effective way to add detail to your IKEA dresser is by using decorative lattice trim. Consider buying 8 feet of lattice molding for this purpose. Then, trim each of the ¼ – inch thick plywood to ensure that the dimensions match the outline of the drawers.

Besides gluing the trims around the front side of the drawers, you can also use ¾ inches brad nails to firmly hold the boards in place.

Step 3: Incorporate Decorative Liners inside the Shelves

Consider lining the drawers’ bottoms with decorative fabric. This will bring the whole piece together. You can find your preferred shelf liner on online stores, such as Amazon.

Drawer line with decorative paper
Image Source: Pinterest

Then, cut the fabric a bit bigger than the area of the drawers before attaching it to the bottom of each drawer. Once you’re done, use a box cutter to trim the excess fabric off.

Step 4: Sand and Stain Your IKEA Dresser Drawers

Before you stain the drawers, be sure to sand every piece of wood with a 220-grit sandpaper. This will not only ensure uniform coating; it will also bring out a more realistic color of the stain.

To create a vintage, multi-toned look for your IKEA dresser, consider using Minwax’s Wood Finish in Provincial and stain every part of the wood. Then, seal the stained wood with the water-based matte polyurethane, which provides a long-lasting protection.

Step 5: Incorporate Decorative Handles

 Metal round handle on base unit
Image Source: Sergey Yarochkin

Your classy nightstand is almost complete. When the paint and protective seal dries, it should create a striking weathered, wooden look to your dresser.

Lastly, you need to replace the standard knob handles with some fancy handles. You will end up with an incredibly unique faux vintage nightstand. This entire project will cost you a little over $100, which is incomparable to about $600 you otherwise would have spent on a ready-made vintage nightstand.

Classy drawer in white and blue versions
Image Source: Fashion Designs

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be loaded with cash to have a luxurious nightstand in your bedroom.  You only need some effort and the right set of tools. With these, you can easily make over a simple IKEA dresser into an eye-catching, posh-looking, vintage nightstand for your bedroom. Just follow the instructions provided here.




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