Why Standing IKEA Desk is A Worthy Investment

Why Standing IKEA Desk is A Worthy Investment

IKEA has remained consistent in producing a wide range of low-priced, yet stylish and functional pieces of furniture. Whether you are looking for IKEA bathroom, kitchen, living room, or office furnishings, you can be sure to get something that tickles your fancy. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective desk, you can’t go wrong with an IKEA desk.

There is a wide selection of IKEA desks and you can always find one that suits your personal taste and needs from the numerous options available. If you’re not sure where to start, however, you can consider going for a sit/stand IKEA desk. But is it worth your money?

There are two main types of IKEA sit/stand desks:

  • Skarsta IKEA Desk – this is a manually adjustable sit/stand desk
Skarsta IKEA Desk
Image Source: IKEA
  • Bekant IKEA Desk – this is the motorized model of IKEA sit/stand desk
Bekant IKEA Desk
Image Source: IKEA

So, when it comes to purchasing a standing IKEA desk, you need to make a careful consideration on whether it is a worthy buy. You also need to determine which sit/stand IKEA desk will be appropriate for your working style.

In that light, let’s explore the features of these IKEA desks, so you can make an informed decision.

Desk Top Dimensions

If you are using a laptop, the Skarsta IKEA desk can serve you well, with its 27.5 x 47.25 inches table top. Conversely, the Bekant could be an ideal choice if you are using a desktop computer, thanks to its 31.5 x 63 inches table top.

If you are one of those workers who normally put their heavy CPU, giant monitors, and tons of paperwork on their desk, none of the standing IKEA desks would be ideal for you. You know why?

The motorized Bekant can hold a maximum load of 154 pounds while the manually adjustable Skarsta can only accommodate 110 pounds. The motorized model of IKEA desk can be a better choice as it makes changing between standing and sitting positions quite seamless.

If you are not a minimalist kind of worker, however, it may not serve you effectively since the motor used in it is quite underpowered for the purpose. It may actually give you problems when you try to adjust the height of the working surface.

Adjustable desk
Image Source: IKEA

Height Limits

You can raise the working surface of Bekant IKEA desk to a maximum height of 48 inches. Most individuals who want to stand while working will find that height comfortable. If you are at least 6 feet tall, however, that height may not be ergonomically suitable for you.

The manually adjustable IKEA desk may not be a good choice either for a 6-foot tall person, thanks to its 47.25 maximum height. What about the minimum heights of these standing IKEA desks?

The electrically adjustable sit/stand desk has a minimum height of 22 inches. So, you can also turn this large desk into a coffee table, which will make your room feel more spacious. If you like working while squatting on the floor, this minimum height will be great for you.

Standing IKEA desk
Image Source: IKEA

You cannot achieve the same advantages with the manually adjustable IKEA desk since its lowest height is just 27.5 inches.

Final thoughts

IKEA sit/stand desks can be a worthy investment if you are a minimalist worker with an average height. This does not mean that you can’t get a standing IKEA desk if you are a 6-footer with tons of work. With a little over $500, you can get a customizable, electrically adjusted sit/stand IKEA desk with an increased load capacity.



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