5 Innovative IKEA Bathroom Products to Transform Your Space

5 Innovative IKEA Bathroom Products to Transform Your Space

In any home, the bathroom should be a sanctuary and a source of happiness. Nonetheless, your bathroom can be the best or the worst of places in your home depending on how much care you give it. Fortunately, IKEA engineers have made things easy for homeowners by crafting beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories for the modern home. So, you can get high quality and stylish IKEA bathroom products at competitive prices, to not only give your bathroom a whole new look but also enhance its functionality.

That said, let’s look at some fascinating IKEA bathroom products you can adapt for your home:

IKEA Bathroom Vanity Sink

If you’re dealing with limited square-footage in your bathroom, it is advisable to have the bare minimum amount of stuff out in the open. This does not mean you empty out your bathroom. You can simply utilize wall space for storage.

Bathroom with vanity sink
Image Source: schulzfoto


Vanity sink
Image Source: IKEA

One of the best ways of using wall space is substituting the pedestal sink with a vanity sink. IKEA bathroom vanity sinks come in stylish designs and feature drawers under the sink. With a vanity sink, you can utilize the space below the sink.

Moreover, vanity sinks add to the chic factor of your space, especially when fitted with a vessel sink.

Standalone Shelf under the Sink

If there’s one easier way to add more storage space to the bathroom, then it is to install a standalone shelf under the sink. It is another great way of utilizing the space under the sink beside the vanity sink. IKEA offers a wide variety of beautiful standalone shelves. So, you can easily find IKEA bathroom shelf that perfectly matches your bathroom design. You can even install curtains on the shelves to hide their contents.

Modern spacious bathroom with bright tiles with toilet and sink
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IKEA Medicine Cabinet

You should upgrade your medicine cabinet in order to get space to keep stuff that you don’t use every day, such as extra bathroom supplies like toothbrushes and soaps. IKEA has medicine cabinets that are twice the size of a standard medicine cabinet. How can this benefit you?

Modern minimalistic bathroom interior
Image Source: ARochau

You can use one side of the cabinet for medicine storage and transform the other side into a bathroom supply cabinet. For instance, the IKEA bathroom HEMESS Mirror Cabinet has two doors. So you can designate each side for the two suggested purposes. 

IKEA Outdoor Decking

You can make stepping out of the shower more heavenly by crafting a raised platform outside of your shower. A decking platform will make your shower look classy, as opposed to the old terry cloth shower mat. So, how do you create this awesome mat?

You just need to purchase a box of IKEA Outdoor Decking. Assembling the decking to create the fancy-looking IKEA bathroom mat is also very easy.

Image Source: IKEA
Placing outdoor decking
Image Source: IKEA

Final thoughts

IKEA has transformed the way we decorate our homes. With IKEA products, you can transform your dull and messy bathroom into a stylish and organized space, regardless of its size. All you need to give the bathroom the desired look and feel is a smart placement of the IKEA bathroom products.

It is also advisable to look beyond the bathroom department when you are shopping for IKEA bathroom products. This is in light of the fact that the office, closet, and kitchen departments may also have great solutions for your bathroom. With the help of IKEA products mentioned in this article, you will be well on your way to give your bathroom a deserved makeover.




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