How to Stain Wood: Give Your Deck a Fantastic Look with 5 Simple Steps

How to Stain Wood: Give Your Deck a Fantastic Look with 5 Simple Steps

Does your deck, pergola, or fence look lackluster and dull? Maybe you should learn how to stain wood in order to restore their beautiful, charming look.

By learning how to stain wood yourself, you can save a lot of money and achieve similar results to what you would get from a professional. You just need to put in the effort and practice some patience in order to get the best results.

That said, we present you an easy-to-follow How To Stain Wood guide that will help you give your deck a fantastic look.

Wooden deck at twilight.
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How to Stain Wood – Step 1: Inspect the Surface

You should check the wooden surface you plan to stain to ensure there are no screws, nails, broken wood pieces, or metal staples stick out of the wood. These can slow down the process of staining wood. So, take a few minutes to ensure the surface is clear of any obstacles before you move to the next step of how to stain wood.

How to Stain Wood – Step 2: Clean the Surface

You should get a good deck cleaner and apply it uniformly on your wood. Be sure to follow all of the application instructions on the product’s label. Likewise, don’t ignore the safety precautions.

Cleaning old dirty terrace
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After applying the deck cleaner, scrub it with a stiff-bristle mop before washing away all of the grime. Afterward, allow your wood surface to dry completely before moving to the next step.

How to Stain Wood – Step 3: Actual Staining

This is the most important step of how to stain wood deck. Once you’ve selected your favorite wood stain colors and your deck is completely dry after cleaning, it’s time to stain it.

Get a roller, a brush, or a good hand-pumped wood stain sprayer. Then, apply a uniform consistent coat of wood stain throughout the surface. If the wood stain puddles up in any way, or you encounter blotches, be sure to get a brush or a roller and flatten those stain spots out.

Wood staining paint
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Painting a wooden deck
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How to Stain Wood – Step 4: Let Your Surface Rest

It is imperative that you let your stained wood rest after applying the stain. You know why?

This will help you achieve the best staining result. According to many wood stain experts, you should allow your stained deck 24 to 48 hours to rest while it dries. It is worth noting, however, that different wood stains require different treatments.

Moreover, where you live as well as the prevailing weather conditions can affect this length of time.

Empty wooden deck
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How to Stain Wood – Step 5: Caring for Your Deck

Now you have a beautiful deck! While enjoying the beauty and freshness of your stained wooden deck, you should not forget to clean it at least once a year. You want to make sure it keeps its charming look.

There are numerous effective products out there, which can help keep your deck looking awesome. Just do some research and find the one that works best for you.

Wooden deck with small table and chairs
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Final thoughts

Learning how to stain wood surfaces is not difficult. You don’t need to be an expert to breathe new life into your wooden surfaces, which may have become dull and bland over the years, thanks to weather elements, heavy foot traffic, and ordinary household dirt. Unfortunately, many homeowners resort to commercial waxes and polishes, which normally deliver undesirable results. The only way to achieve the best results is to stain your wood, as outlined in this simple How To Stain Wood guide.



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