How to Soundproof a Room for a Quiet, Comfortable Living

How to Soundproof a Room for a Quiet, Comfortable Living

Do you live in a thin-walled apartment and can’t stand your neighbors’ music? Does the noise you’re your kid’s room drive you crazy? Then, it is time you learned how to use sound absorbing panels to soundproof a room.

Today’s houses can be very noisy, thanks to high-tech audio and video devices, open floor plans, noisy neighborhoods, etc. Fortunately, there are several soundproofing measures you can take to create a quieter home.

Let’s explore how to soundproof a room using various techniques that you can do yourself and make your home more habitable.

How to Soundproof a Room With Sound-absorbing Materials

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There are several materials you can use to control sound within a room. For instance, if you are looking to reduce sound bouncing around your room, consider using soft materials such as padded carpeting and acoustic ceilings instead of tile, laminates, or hardwood. Namely, hard surfaces reflect soundwaves while soft surfaces absorb them.

You can also use sound-blocking curtains, which are one of the cheapest ways to reduce outdoor noises and absorb some interior sounds. Likewise, acoustic tiles and drop-ceiling systems deliver excellent acoustical properties. You can use them to minimize noise transference to and from the basement and other noisy areas.

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How to Soundproof a Room With Sound-blocking Doors

A doorway is arguably the largest opening in most homes. One of the best ways to keep noise from moving from one room to another is to install solid-core doors. This is something you can easily accomplish whether or not you are renovating or building your home.

Most interior doors are hollow-core and extremely poor when it comes to blocking sound. In fact, any one of the composite-core, particleboard-core, or solid-wood core doors would be more effective at blocking sound compared to a hollow-core door.

Moreover, solid-core doors come in a wide variety of stylish designs. However, they are normally more expensive compared to the other doors.

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How to Soundproof a Room with Extra Drywall

In light of the fact that sounds are vibrations, the best way to block noise is to deaden those vibrations with heavy, dense materials. So, what are the best materials to use?

Brick and stones can be excellent for blocking noise but are impractical for retrofitting your interior walls. It is much easier to add an extra layer of drywall to create a thick, sound-deadening barrier.

However, there is no point of adding drywall everywhere. You can just isolate the noisy room or the quiet room.  For instance, you can add a drywall to your kid’s saxophone room or your reading room.

Once you add your drywall, you will have to refinish it and perhaps extend electrical outlets and switch boxes.

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How to Soundproof a Roof by Plugging Sound Leaks

Just like water, sound can get through any cracks and openings. In order to prevent leaking sound, use acoustical caulk to plug holes and cracks around:

  • Switch boxes
  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Door Casing
  • Receptacle boxes

You should also add weatherstripping to door frames and sweeps to the bottom of your doors.

Final thoughts

Soundproof room or home provides you with a calm and quiet environment that most of the homeowners dream of. Soundproofing a room or home provides you excellent protection from loud music, humming from home appliances, and other noises from within or outside the house. With these tips on how to soundproof a room, you can also create your own calm and peaceful atmosphere at home.



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