How to Remove Wall Paper with Professional Ease

How to Remove Wall Paper with Professional Ease

Do you want to learn how to remove wallpaper? Wallpaper removal can be a messy process if done incorrectly but is actually quite simple if you get it right.

The process may take some time and effort, but if you follow the steps outlined below you will end up with the unwanted wallpaper and adhesive completely removed. Then, you can paint your walls or hang a new wallpaper.

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So, here’s a step-by-step process of how to remove wallpaper:

The Materials You Will Need:

  • Wide Putty Knife
  • Pump Sprayer
  • Trash Bag
  • Drop Cloth
  • Large Sponge
  • Screwdriver
  • Step stool or ladder
Tools and materials for removing wallpaper
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Sometimes, you could be dealing with a stubborn wallpaper. In that case, you may also need the following materials:

  • Fabric softener
  • Wallpaper steamer
  • Scouring tool

Now that you have all the necessary materials in place, let’s get to the actual steps of how to remove wallpaper:

Prepare The Space

Remove any wall hangings, including curtains, drapes, and artwork. Don’t forget to remove all outlet covers and switch plates as well. Then, place your drop cloth below the first wall to be sprayed. Switch off the power at the fuse box.

Empty room interior
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Get The Solution Ready

Fill your sprayer halfway with boiling water from the kettle on a stove and the other half with hot water from the sink. If you’re dealing with a particularly difficult wallpaper, consider adding fabric softener to the 1:1 mixture of hot/boiling water.

Spray Your Walls

For a stubborn wallpaper, it is advisable to scour the walls first. This allows for maximum saturation. However, be careful not to scour too hard. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the surface.

Close the sprayer and pump it to pressurize the solution. Then, spray the walls uniformly, saturating the wallpaper. After spraying, you should wait until the wallpaper begins to bubble before you move on to the next step.

Scrape Off the Wallpaper

Using your wide putty knife, start scraping the wallpaper. You should focus on the seams and bubbling sections at first. If the wallpaper was recently applied to your primed walls, it may come off in large sheets. Conversely, older wallpaper or one that was applied to drywall might be more difficult to get rid of.

Removal of old wallpapers with spatula
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Top up the solution with boiling water and spray your walls again. Continue removing. You should repeat these steps until the wallpaper is completely removed. What if the process yields no desirable results?

You may need to get a wallpaper steamer to do the job. You can rent one from your local hardware store. A gas-powdered steamer is recommended since electric steamers take longer.

Remove Remaining Residue

To clean up the residue, simply wipe down the walls using a large sponge. Then, lightly spray the walls one last time with clean water. Leave the walls to dry for at least 3 days before thinking of the next step of action.

Done! Your wall is wallpaper-free. You can now decide on a new paint color or wallpaper pattern.

Removing of wet old wallpaper with metal spatula
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Final thoughts

Removing wallpaper can be a challenge but is possible for the DIY enthusiast who is ready for a project.  With the above instructions on how to remove wallpaper, you can safely remove wallpaper without damaging your walls.



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