How to make a terrarium in 30 Minutes

How to make a terrarium in 30 Minutes

Want a garden but don’t have the outdoor space? Or maybe you are looking for an exciting, quick project to do with your kids?

Then you might want to consider making a terrarium.

A terrarium is an assortment of small, ornamental plants growing in an enclosed environment. While terrariums have been around for years, they have become increasingly popular in today’s world of interior decorating.

A terrarium on the dining table
Image Source: Maria Balchugova

They are not only an enthralling example of a self-sufficient ecosystem but also a home fashion statement depending on how you adorn them. Terrarium containers are normally transparent and have a sizable opening to allow you to access the plants inside.

Making and caring for a terrarium is a fun and beautiful project. It is cost-effective and doesn’t require sophisticated gardening skills.

With a few materials and the following instructions, you can make your own terrarium in less than an hour. Let’s get to it. 

Terrariums as decorations in the home office

Image Source: Maria Balchugova

What You’ll Need to Make a Terrarium

  • An open container or vase
  • Soil – ordinary houseplant soil can do. You can also go for succulents’ soil if you want to plant succulents and cacti
  • Small rocks
  • Tweezers or long-stemmed implement to place soil and plants
  • Slow-growing small plants such as ferns, peperomia, succulents, aquamarine, and friendships plants. You may also include moss.
How to make a terrarium
Image Source: Carlito

Steps for Making a Terrarium

Step 1:

Clean the inside of your container. Be sure there’s no residue that could negatively affect your plants.

Step 2:

Add small rocks to the bottom of the container up to 1-5 inches. This is for collecting the water drainage.

Step 3:

Add about a 2.5-inch layer of potting soil. This should be enough for the plants to root in.

Step 4:

Get the largest plant from its container. Consider dusting excess soil off the roots. Trim the roots as well if they are too long.

Planting succulents in a terrarium
Image Source: Dmitriy Shipilov


Making a terrarium
Image Source: Dmitriy Shipilov

Step 5:

With your tweezer or long-stemmed implement, create a hole in the soil for the roots. Then nestle your plant inside before patting the soil down firmly. Be sure the plant is firmly held in place.

Step 6:

You should have about one plant for every inch of container diameter.

Step 7:

Using the same procedure, continue adding the smaller plants. Try to keep the plants away from the edges.

Adding small plants in a glass bowl
Image Source: amixstudio

Step 8:

Dust off any excess soil around the container. Lastly, add some water to help avert transplant lock.

Remember the container does not have drainage holes. t’s unlike a potted plant. The rocks layer will help with drainage.

Terrarium maintenance is fuss-free. For plant terrariums, adhere to watering instructions on the nursery tag. A light misting of water every fortnight should be enough for moss terrariums.  Be careful not to over-water the plants.

Decorative glass vases with succulent and cactus plants in interior
Image Source: Africa Studio


Decorative glass vases with succulent and cactus plants in interior
Image Source: Africa Studio

Final thoughts

Terrarium making is a fun and rewarding DIY project that combines art and nature. You can create a beautiful terrarium in less than an hour and then enjoy its beauty for years to come. Simply follow the tips and guidelines in this article.




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