How to Hang Curtains: Foolproof Tips and Tricks

How to Hang Curtains: Foolproof Tips and Tricks

No idea how to hang curtains? Not sure where to start? Don’t panic. In this article, you will learn some tips and tricks on how to hang curtains like a professional.

If you are decorating your new house or looking to decorate your home to give it a fresh look, one of the easiest ways is to hang curtains. However, hanging curtains involves much more than just putting up the curtain rod followed by the curtains. You have to get several things right in order to achieve the desired look.

So, you should get advice on how to hang curtains properly. This does not mean that you have to a hire an interior designer to get things done. All you need is to learn the tricks and then do it yourself.

That said, let’s look at some useful tips and tricks on how to hang curtains, which will help you create a stylish look in your home.

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Take Correct Measurements

It is imperative that you first measure your windows and make adjustments according to how you want to hang the curtains. You don’t want to go back to the store and spend more money simply because your curtains and rods are not the right sizes.

Avoid Going Too Narrow

Another important tip on how to hang curtains is to choose a rod that is wider than your window width. Besides allowing enough space for the panels to hang on either side of your window, this will also force the panel to always cover the window.

This is also a brilliant way to trick the eye into thinking the window is much wider than it is actually is. It is normally recommended to go 8 – 12 inches wider than your window.

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Choose the Right Fabric

You should go for fabric that suits both the function and the mood of your room. If you want a casual feel, for instance, you should choose lighter fabrics. Denser fabrics, on the other hand, create a more formal feel and provider greater privacy.

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Don’t Hang Too High or Too Low

On how to hang curtains at the right height, you should ensure that curtain bottoms barely touch the floor or have not more than two inches of fabric on the floor. If the curtains are too long, consider hemming them. How do you do this?

Simply measure and pin them to the desired length after hanging them. If they are quite short, consider adding more fabric for a nice color block look. You don’t have to do any sewing.

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Use Curtain Rings

By using curtain rings, you will make opening and closing curtains a breeze. However, interior designers also love their polished aesthetic. Adding curtain rings creates nicely pinched pleats, which keep curtains looking stylish, open or closed.

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In-Window Shades

If you are working with a tight space, you don’t have to hang a curtain. You can use an in-window shade instead. This can look modern in a solid color or somewhat romantic and traditional in a charming pattern.

Make Use of the Iron

Creased curtains look messy. It is wrong to think they somehow will become unwrinkled after a couple of days. Stop being lazy and steam or iron your curtains before hanging them.

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Final thoughts

Curtains complete a room. They play a great role in controlling the light, providing privacy and warmth, add texture and color, as well as reflect your style. It is advisable to learn how to hang curtains correctly in order to maximize their benefits. You can draw inspiration from the above tips and tricks on how to hang curtains.



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