Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas – Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas – Decorate Your Home on a Budget

So Santa will be visiting soon and you want to implement tasteful Christmas decoration ideas to transform your home into a sanctuary of delight. However, following Christmas decoration trends can be quite expensive. This can strain your budget, especially if you consider other expenses that you have to incur during the holiday season, such as gift giving, parties, and travel costs.

If you want to ease the financial burden but still create the perfect Christmas aura in your home, here are some DIY Christmas decoration ideas you can adopt. With these ideas, you’ll be able to save some money that will help you to even survive the January hangover.

Christmas Throw Pillows

Christmas decorated place in a room with wooden wall, lamps, red deer pillows and plaid
Image Source: romankosolapov

Throw pillows can make a huge difference in your living room décor even with just a simple change. So, how do you make Christmas decorations using throw pillows?

You need to make slipcovers for the pillows. It’s a very easy task. Choose your fabric depending on the colors you’re using for your living room décor. Green, red, gold, and silver are some of the best colors to use on Christmas throw pillows.

There are several fabric options depending on your preference, including suede, satin, and cotton. Once you get the right fabric, measure your existing pillows and simply make slipcovers for them. Alternatively, consider using a no-sew technique and just wrap the pillows in new fabric.

Living room interior decorated with red pillows
Image Source: sutichak


Christmas home decoration
Image Source: Antonina Vincent

Make Pretty Pinecones

You can transform pinecones into fanciful DIY Christmas decorations. This is one of the coolest and easiest Christmas decoration ideas. All you need to do is dip the pinecones in gold paint. Or you can use a mixture of glue, water, and glitter for a glistening effect.

You can place the decorated pinecones on side tables or use them to fill bowls and baskets. Another awesome idea is to give the pinecones a touch of sweet aroma by creating cinnamon-scented pinecones.

Woman painting pine cones at her home
Image Source: Viktor Pravdica

Decorative String Balls

This is one of the exciting Christmas decoration ideas. Decorative string balls are fun and easy to craft. You will need some small balloons, strings, and a glass bowl. Then what?

Simply place the balls in the glass bowl as a decorative centerpiece. Alternatively, consider stringing them up as a garland for the Christmas tree.

Christmas decorations
Image Source: kobeza

DIY Snowman

This is another easy DIY Christmas decoration idea. Simply fill a clean white sock with rice. Then, create a head and body by tying three small elastic bands around.

Lastly, decorate with beads and you have a bunch of homemade snowmen sat on your mantelpiece. You can also create a hanging snowman. How do you do that?

Take three bottle caps and paint them white before gluing them in a line. Afterwards, put three black dots inside of the center cap. Next, put some wool between the top and middle before painting a face on the top cap. Lastly, attach a ribbon to the back and hang your bottle caps anywhere you like in the room.

Making snowmen from socks
Image Source: Alina


Handcraft toy snowmen made from socks and rice
Image Source: Alina

Christmas Card Decoration

You probably have kept Christmas cards over the years, which were too beautiful to throw away. Why not make good use of them by turning them into beautiful pieces of art?

Simply attach a card front to matboard. You can use double-sided tape, rubber cement, or Spray Mount to do this. Consider trimming the matboard to fit just one card or use several cards to cover a sizable piece of matboard. Then use it as a doorway or tree decoration.

Christmas card decoration on a Christmas tree
Image Source: Lita

Bring the Nature Indoors

If you are a nature enthusiast, you can venture into the wild and gather various natural decorative elements, such as tree cuttings. Then, just put them in a bowl.

You can choose to either preserve their plain and rustic look or spray paint some of them in festive and sparkly Christmas colors. Tie a ribbon around the bowl and you have a budget-friendly Christmas decoration that reflects the beauty of your natural surroundings.

Woman working on christmas wreath
Image Source: Viktor Pravdica


Christmas decoration with golden ornaments, candles, lights and a star made of natural sticks
Image Source: asife

Final thoughts

Creating your own Christmas decorations can be a time-honored practice, and it can save you lots of money as well. You can draw inspiration from the above homemade Christmas decoration ideas.




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