Hanging Lanterns: Add Charm and Ambience to Your Courtyard with Outdoor Hanging Lights

Hanging Lanterns: Add Charm and Ambience to Your Courtyard with Outdoor Hanging Lights

Looking to create ambiance and blissful mood instead of flooding your outdoor space with traditional bright light? Outdoor hanging lanterns can be a perfect choice for lighting your garden, patio, pool, or walkway.

These lanterns are a great way to add charm to your home’s exterior décor and lighting. There are several types of outdoor hanging lanterns to choose from. You just need to evaluate the space you want to decorate and go for options that suit the space the best.

Let’s explore the major types of outdoor hanging lanterns. We’ll also provide some valuable tips to keep in mind when purchasing these lanterns.

Electric Outdoor Lanterns

Electrical outdoor hanging lanterns normally resemble old-fashioned carriage lamps, butterfly lights, or Asian-inspired lanterns. They can also create multi-colored fanciful effects. Be sure that the electrical lanterns you choose are specifically designed for outdoor use. You should not use indoor electric lanterns outdoors as their components may not be able to withstand harsh weather elements. Also, you may consider taking down the lanterns during the winter and keep them indoors, for extra protection

Two brass lanterns on a green background
Image Source: Svitlana Belinska

Solar Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Solar hanging lanterns are normally hung on a crozier-shaped pole or metal spike in the yard. The lanterns feature a solar cell on the top. Hence, it is imperative that you place such lanterns where the sunshine directly hits the top.

There is a wide variety of solar hanging lights to choose from. They come in different shapes and styles. Also, you may be able to attach a bracket to the side of your house, garage, or shed to hang an outdoor solar lantern. These lanterns can be excellent energy savers and cost savers in the longer-term.

Garden lighting - lights on the solar battery on a green lawn
Image Source: Iana Alter

Outdoor Candle Lamps

Some outdoor hanging lanterns utilize old-fashioned illumination methods. They use candles. How is this done?

The lamps are made from metal with glass or hard-wearing plastic boxes. Then, you can insert votive candles or tea light candles into the box to provide a gentle glow. The plastic or glass panels ensure that the wind doesn’t blow out the flames.

Outdoor hanging candle lanterns are very attractive. In fact, they can make stunning accents for an evening garden party. However, they are not very functional due to the minimal illumination.

Lamp made of a jar with a candle is hanging on a tree at night
Image Source: n_balitskaya


Glass jar hanging garden lanterns
Image Source: mariekazalia

What to Consider When Buying Hanging Lanterns

Before buying outdoor hanging lights, consider the following:

  • If you opt for electric lanterns, make sure there is an electrical outlet near the area you want to hang the lanterns. Otherwise, you have to include the cost of hiring an electrician to add outdoor electric outlets.
  • If you opt for solar lanterns, be sure to place them in a way that the solar cells can charge daily. Solar cells normally need several uninterrupted hours of direct, bright sunlight to sufficiently charge. Hanging these lanterns in the shade would be an effort in futility.
  • How do you want to use the lanterns? Is it a permanent fixture or just for short-term use? If the lanterns are just for a party, candles can be your perfect choice. Conversely, if you install solar lanterns, keep in mind that they will turn on every night, irrespective of whether you are home or not.
  • You should consider the length of the chain or rods that come with your hanging light. This will allow you to install the lantern at the most appropriate height for your home.
Lantern outside the house
Image Source: victor217


Vintage wedding decor includes these hanging lanterns at a reception outdoors in the forest.
Image Source: Joshua Rainey

Final Thoughts

Outdoor hanging lanterns can deliver exceptional charm to your garden, patio, and deck. The sight of the swaying lanterns with a gentle radiance illuminating a small area around it can add a romantic aura to your evening gatherings. With this article, you can be able to choose outdoor lanterns that suit your needs the best.





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