Grey Living Rooms: Creating a Warm, Vibrant and Stunning Living Room

Grey Living Rooms: Creating a Warm, Vibrant and Stunning Living Room

The living room is a central part of the home where we gather with our loved ones for relaxation and entertainment. It is imperative that you make the room cozy for the enjoyment of everyone. And that starts with choosing the right color for the room.

If you want to create an elegant and sophisticated look while maintaining a tranquil aura in your living room, gray would be the best color for you.

A refined neutral, gray will give your room a vibrant look as it allows furnishings, artwork, and other accents to stand out. A grey living room normally looks both formal and stylish.

Take a look at the following 35 inspirational grey living rooms, and see how you can incorporate the neutral and versatile shade into your living space.

 This light and bright lounge is backgrounded by almost-white tiles, a snug suede L-seater, and pops of pastel in a pink seat and beige print.
Image Source: Zrobym


This room combines fingerprint artwork, a grey-tiled floor, corrugated iron wall and marble fireplace to make grey with green creepers look effortlessly sophisticated.
Image Source: Architect: Sreten Jovanovic & Maja Urh | Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina


This attic-roofed interior coats a wall and a half in mid-grey and a floor in splotches, amidst framed prints, photographs and square suede cushions.
Image Source: Rohit Aurora


he tropical leaves and pineapples in this grey and white interior make a splash upon an exposed brick wall, two grey ottomans and two Scandinavian coffee tables built to match.
Image Source: Thai Quang


Dark grey living room with a lighter grey couch, industrial light and a range of potted cacti.
Image Source: aTng 糖


Modern grey living room with a cozy gas fireplace
Image Source: Erriadbey Kerimov


The slick concrete feature wall of this black-and-grey interior is peppered with an artsy staircase, grey L-seater and abstract oval coffee tables.
Image Source: One Work


is-matching wooden floors, grey couches and muted accessories make way for a large facial abstract on an exposed brick wall.
Image Source: Archvizer


This decor employs dangling lights to illuminate a grey couch, floor and ottoman with a matching kitchen bench and sprinkles of red and blue. A Turkish rug and floral print add pattern to form.
Image Source: Roman Kolyada


A carved-in fireplace, LED-lit shelving and charcoal leather couches frame a black velvet rug and acrylic coffee table.
Image Source: Eduard Caliman


 The stencilled lines of this lounge’s black shelving hold a multitude of reads, tribal statuettes and vases, as a soft block couch and ball light enhance their enjoyment.
Image Source: Denis Fomin


Grey works with pops of colour. Paired with many different patterns and shades in pink, the shade covers the base wall, pendant and shelving niche to avoid cluttering.
Image Source: Filip Sapojnicov


With grey colouring an exposed brick wall, rug, walls and couches, rectangles come to the party in an inset fireplace, ceiling LEDs and one of the longest L-seaters known to man.
Image Source: Andrey Avdeenko


 This lounge spices it up with a wooden slat wall, quilted rug, smooth book cabinet and painterly canvases. A sprig of orchids to the side adds polish.
Image Source: Sergrey Baskakov


This mostly-wooden clad room paints a TV frame, coats an ottoman and offers a seat in charcoal colouring.
Image Source: Mirela Świerc


Accent grey furniture with wooden features.
Image Source: Andrew Skliarov


Showcasing an abstract artwork at its centre, this lounge’s grainy wall tiles, suede seating and woollen rug keep more than a hint of the cosy in a room wide and spacious.
Image Source: Varayut Denthlordkarn


 This autumnal living room creates heat with an olive green feature wall and terracotta cushioning, as grey softens the scene with an L-seater couch, woollen rug and TV panel
Image Source: Plasterlina


Mid-grey walls pair with a circular charcoal art piece, grey-wooden table and stretching hover lamp.
Image Source: Now Design


Ceiling-height olive trees stand tall in this two-level design, as brown leather couches catch their fall afront a stencil bookshelf.
Image Source: Ditre Italia


A full-length photographic decal meets our gaze beside a simple grey couch, differently-shaded cushions and a mottled rug.
Image Source: Nastya Ivanchuk & Marina Tsishyna


Modern living room in grey tones
Image Source: Maks Marukhin


his almost-white living room introduces grey in a comfy corner seater, greyscale photography and zebra-striped cushions.
Image Source: Marina Selivanova


A Homer peeps from a cushion on a couch in the hue, as grey stretches behind and below the sofa
Image Source: Zrobym


he bold contrasts between the almost-black side wall and pendants, the light grey couch and kitchen appears almost monochrome in this design.
Image Source: ATO Studio


This space designs with angles only, bathing a block L-couch and exposed brick wall in grey.
Image Source: Oporski Architektura


Grey and metallic luxury living room with mid-century modern pieces.
Image Source: Tâm Võ


A dangling cluster of pendant lights make the most of high ceilings, amongst charcoal curtains and a many-tiled wall in this room
Image Source: Tracy Ong


This lounge screams through a trio of buttercup pendants, a Greco-Roman bust, printed canvas of a rapper and modern wooden platform.
Image Source: Kholostova Olga


Industrial style living room decor
Image Source: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky


Industrial loft with wooden elements and grey tones
Image Source: Romas Noreika


Centred around a trio of tree trunk coffee tables, this grey winding sofa and ceiling-height bookcase are beautifully lit up by a train station window.
Image Source: Serhii Seinov


The glass bauble chandelier, zigzagging floors and turquoise couch of this living room are afforded coolness with light grey paint and wallpaper.
Image Source: Horizont Design


French boudoir feel with a contemporary twist
Image Source: Filip Sapojnicov


Contemporary living room decor
Image Source: Anjey Babych


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