Keep the Beauty of Your Granite Countertops Alive With Proper Cleaning

Keep the Beauty of Your Granite Countertops Alive With Proper Cleaning

Do you have granite countertops in your kitchen? Maybe you are looking to install granite? Then, you should how to clean these countertops the right way.

In light of the fact that natural stone is porous, it is imperative that you understand the appropriate products and methods to maintain its beauty for many years to come. You don’t want to damage your granite countertops by using the wrong cleaning products or wrong cleaning methods.

In this article, we show you how to properly clean your granite countertops in 4 simple steps:

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Is Your Countertop Properly Sealed?

Granite is somewhat non-porous and most manufacturers seal granite slabs before shipping. However, you should still seal your granite countertops occasionally. But how do you know that your countertop needs sealing?

Simply perform a water bead test. Pour some drops of water on your granite countertop. If it beads up, then your countertop doesn’t need sealing. Conversely, if the water absorbs into the stone or leaves a watermark, consider sealing it.

While there is a wide variety of sealants on the market, sealers you can spray onto your countertops are easier to apply properly.

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Prepare Granite Countertops for Cleaning

Before beginning to actually clean your countertops, get rid of excess debris. Also, move appliances, such as the countertop dishwasher, so you can reach all areas easily.

Wipe out any spills or sticky substances on the counter. The most effective way to avoid staining, is to remove sauces or liquids immediately from your counter. However, if the liquid has set, consider using a hot wet rag to loosen and get rid of the caked debris.

Use warm soapy water to get rid of crumbs and other debris. An ordinary soapy rag can do a great job of clearing remaining crumbs or other matter before you properly clean your countertops. What about stubborn stains?

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Try to use a poultice of baking soda and water. You should mix your baking soda as thick as dough. Then, place the resultant paste over the stain and keep it covered with a plastic wrap for 24 to 48 hours. The baking soda should absorb the stain from your countertop.

Clean Your Granite Countertops

You need to clean your countertops with a warm water and mild dish soap solution. Use a soft cloth to wipe them with the solution. Be sure to rinse the cloth often while you are cleaning.

Once you’re done wiping your granite countertops, dry them completely using a soft cloth. You should not leave water sitting on them for a long time. Otherwise, they will create a water stain.

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Buff Your Granite Countertops

You should buff your granite countertops every day with a dry microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you can apply a granite polish occasionally to make your countertops really sparkly.

What You Should Avoid

When it comes to cleaning granite countertops, you should avoid using vinegar or acidic products. Namely, using very acidic cleaners can wear out the sealant. This would leave them looking bland and dull.

Moreover, acidic cleaning solutions, as well as acidic foods and drinks, can damage the stone itself. This effect is known as etching and it can happen even when your granite countertops have been sealed. So, it is advisable to always clean your spills immediately.

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Final thoughts

Granite countertops are a popular piece of decoration in the kitchen, thanks to their beauty and utility. And the major concern of many homeowners who invest on this surface material is how best to take care of it. Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean and maintain it. All you have to do is follow the above instructions diligently and you will surely enjoy your granite countertops for years to come.





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