4 Tips to a Gracefully Organized Walk in Closet

4 Tips to a Gracefully Organized Walk in Closet

You have a walk in closet muddled with loads of junk. You look at the piling heap of mess, with no idea of where to start, and you feel claustrophobic whenever you are in the closet. Why not invest some time into organizing your closet properly?

You don’t need a professional to have a perfectly organized and inviting walk in closet. All you need is the commitment to implement the following 4 valuable tips to a gracefully organized closet.

Have a Place for Everything

One of the best ways to uphold tidiness in a walk in closet is to designate specific areas for specific items. This is especially necessary if you store all kinds of stuff in your closet, not only clothing and accessories.

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In that light, you should keep things you’re not using, such as mementos, on the highest shelves. Conversely, items you use every day should be kept in direct light of sight or stored in easily accessible areas. You can set aside a shelf to keeps your scarves and have a bin in the back of your closet to keep books.

This kind of closet organization will help you know the specific area to find what you are looking for, and hence save you lots of time and searching. This idea will even be more effective if you clearly separate clothing items from non-clothing items. To make things simple, consider placing all of your clothing on one side of your closet and everything else on the other side.

Create a Leading Rack

Another brilliant way to a well-organized walk in closet is to create a series of street shelves going up to the ceiling. You can keep your stuff here without them tumbling down on your head. You will also have to install modular slots and shelves to hold shoes and handbags. This should go hand-in-hand with cubes and drawers for keeping folded clothing and other stuff.

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Invest in Lots of Hooks

No invention has been more useful than the invention of hooks when it comes to closet organization. In fact, you will find ‘S’ and ‘L’ formed hooks quite handy in this case. These hooks are easily available and you can use them for numerous purposes in your closet. You can use them to hang your shoes, umbrellas, coats, etc. Simply attach them to the closet walls or right onto the cabinets.

Be Creative with Shoe storage

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Before you decide how to store your shoes in the walk in closet, take a good inventory of what you own. There are numerous shoe storage ideas for walk-in closets, from simple cubbies to large pull-out shelves.

You need to keep your shoes visible, organized, and easy to access. This translates to an efficient morning and cleanup routine. You can fit two pairs of slender shoes, such as flip-flops and flats, in a single cubby.

Conversely, you can keep tall boots on high shelves when off season and on boot trays on the floor when used regularly.  You can also invest in a tall, glass-front shoe cabinet and place it in an easily visible spot. Acrylic shoe boxes can also do a wonderful job when stacked on shelves or on the floor.

If you want to free up the floor space, however, consider investing in over the door and hanging shoe organizers. They are a great way to capitalize on vertical storage in a walk in closet.

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Final Thoughts

Nothing can be more frustrating than a cluttered and disorganized closet. If it is a walk in closet that you can no longer get into, then the issue goes from frustrating to irritating. When the closet floor is so messy that you have to walk uphill to get to the other end it is certainly time to organize. You can draw inspiration from this article on how to keep your closet beautifully organized.



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