Girls Bedroom Ideas: How To Create a Cheery Garden in a Girl’s Room

Girls Bedroom Ideas: How To Create a Cheery Garden in a Girl’s Room

There are so many girls bedroom ideas to make your little girl’s room unique and cheerful. One of the best ideas is to bring a flower garden into the bedroom. This is because a flower theme presents a wider range of decor options to choose from compared to other girls bedroom ideas.

You can get floral prints for bedding, wall paper, window treatments, and other different accessories. All these can help you create a great theme. However, if you are really looking to bring life to your daughter’s flower-themed bedroom, consider silk flowers for the wall decor.

Let’s see how you can use silk flowers to add vibrancy, style, and character to your girl’s bedroom.

White bedroom with bed curtains and lot of flowers, and white textile on bed
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Add Faux Wallpaper

You don’t have to use floral wallpaper to create an accent wall for your little girl’s room. You can simply apply one of the brilliant girls bedroom ideas – using silk flowers to create a faux wallpaper effect.

The perfect area to cover with silk flowers is the wall behind the bed. This would work best if your girl’s bed doesn’t have a headboard and you’re looking for ways to draw attention to it. To uphold a neat look, create lines on the wall by hanging the flowers stem-to-bloom.

Faux floral wall decor
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You should leave at least an inch between the lines, because you don’t want the wall to look cluttered. How do you attach the flowers to the wall? A staple gun or a hook-and-loop tape can do the trick.

Shadow Boxes are Great for Displaying 3-D Objects

The second of our nifty girls bedroom ideas is to create eye-catching wall hangings in your daughter’s bedroom. How do you do this?

Simply fill shadow box frames with silk flowers. Consider gathering the flowers in a bunch and then tie them together using a ribbon. This will create a neat, refined look.

If you prefer a quirky, casual look, however, simply place the flowers inside the box loose. Then, fill as much of the frame as possible to the box for an overflowing appearance. To make it more fun, try mixing a variety of silk flowers. You can choose at least two colors and fill the shadow box with different flowers in those shades.

Beautiful pink girls bedroom
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Create a Border for the Tops of the Bedroom Walls

Sometimes, the floor-to-ceiling flowers in your girl’s bedroom can be a tad too much. While there are several ways to resolve this, there’s only one effective idea – create a border for the tops of the walls. You can do this using some silk greenery.

Simply attach the flowers directly to the wall. However, if you are looking for a more ornamental look, consider painting thin line in a color that contrasts with the wall color. Hence, mint or Sage can be a striking option with the silk flowers. Then, place your flowers over it.

How do you attach the flowers? Simply staple them individually horizontally stem-to-bud. To make things easy for you, you can opt for a pre-made silk-flowering vine.

One of the best girls bedroom ideas: Add a Flower-inspired Mural

When it comes to cool girls bedroom ideas, a flower-inspired mural is a perfect way to accentuate the look of a garden-themed bedroom.

However, if you want to give the mural a unique look, consider using silk flowers. This will add a 3-D effect to your daughter’s bedroom wall. Namely, staple the flowers in the midst of painted flowers and scenery to give the mural texture and dimension.

Floral wall in girls bedroom
Image Source: Pinterest

Final thoughts

One of the brilliant girls bedroom ideas is to bring a flower garden into the room. It is an excellent way to achieve a radiant and cheery bedroom for your little girl. This article guides you on how to do that perfectly.



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