How to Hang a Giant Wall Clock in Your Living Room

How to Hang a Giant Wall Clock in Your Living Room

The giant wall clock has become one of the leading trends in interior decorating. A giant clock on the wall can add elegance to your room. According to many interior designers and decorators, it is a central piece of decoration that can effectively accentuate a particular theme within your space.

However, mounting a giant clock in a given spot, especially in the living room, comes with a few challenges. Large wall clocks are normally very heavy. As such, you need to be careful when hanging them.

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Otherwise, you may end up damaging your wall and the clock. The clock may also fall, injuring someone in the process. In the light of that, we present you a step-by-step guide to safely hang a giant clock in your living room. Read on.

Find the Best Spot

First, you need to find the best spot to hang your clock. The spot should be both functional and aesthetically appealing. It is always advisable to hang your wall decorations closer to your furniture.

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Therefore, hold the clock above your couch to determine approximately how high to hang it. Use an easily-erasable pencil to mark the wall. The best spot along the wall’s width will depend on the following:

  • The size of your clock
  • The hangers on the back of the clock
  • The location of your sofa
  • Where you’ll anchor your hanging hardware – Drywall or wall studs. More often than not, you definitely might need to use some hardware tools. Find help here.

It is advisable two use two anchors, which should be at the same height. To achieve this, measure the distances from the floor and make light marks on the wall using a pencil. Then, using a long carpenter’s level, ascertain if the pencil marks are even.

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Locate the Studs

Once you’ve found the right spot for hanging your giant wall clock, you need to secure it on the wall. The best way to do this is with hanging hardware fastened to wall studs. That means you have to locate the studs.

Remember, the studs are behind the drywall. But, how do you locate them when you can’t see them?

While there are many different ways to do this, the easiest and most effective is by using a stud finder. An electronic stud finder is recommended. Make sure you’ve marked where the stud starts and ends. You want to be sure you are drilling into the center of the stud.

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How to Drill Into Studs

Ascertain that the spot is the best before you start drilling. Then, drill a pilot hole somewhat smaller than the anchor screw. Choose the size of your screws, as well as the type of hanging hardware, based on the weight of your clock.

If the hanging hardware appears to be somewhat loose, re-drill the pilot holes either 2 inches below or above the original hole. Avoid using nails to secure your hanging hardware. While screws deliver a much tighter grip, nails are prone to getting loose.

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What if The Studs Aren’t in a Good Spot?

You may realize that the studs are not in your preferred spot for hanging the giant wall clock. In this case, you can consider using heavy-duty hollow-wall anchors fastened on the drywall.

You need at least two anchors to secure any wall-mounted item. Moreover, the wall anchors should be properly rated for the clock’s weight as well as for your installation method.

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How to Secure Your Wall Anchors

Once you’ve located the best spot for hanging your clock, check to see whether your anchors will be even. Use a carpenter’s level to do that. Then, drill pilot holes through the wall surface before installing the anchors as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can then mount your giant wall clock, using the mounting hardware, on the anchors.

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Final thoughts

Giant wall clocks have been loved by homeowners for many years. Today, they remain popular as ever. The effect of a well-placed giant clock can be mind-blowing. However, it can be difficult to achieve this if you don’t know how to mount your clock properly. Fortunately, you can use this guide to mount a giant clock in your living room and achieve the desired decorating effect while maintaining the safety of everyone.



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