Spruce Up Your Room? Why Futon Couch Makes a Great Choice

Spruce Up Your Room? Why Futon Couch Makes a Great Choice

For many years, the futon couch has remained popular among many households, thanks to its functionality and versatility. Compared to conventional sofas, futon couches are more elegant and can enrich the look and feel of any living room.

While a futon couch is normally placed in the bedroom, you can also use it in other areas of your house, given its charming style and design. Besides being stylish, they also take up less space and can be an excellent piece of furniture for a small living room.

There are several benefits of using futon couches. However, the most important advantage is the convenience of use. What does that mean?

You can transform a typical futon couch from a sofa into a bed in a few seconds. You can simply push it back into a bed position, and push its bottom back into a sofa. Most of the futons are made with wood frames and metal frames.

Wood frames are especially popular since they are available in a vast variety of designs and colors. This means that you can easily find a futon that suits your home design. Wood frames are also known to be tougher compared to their metal counterparts.

Grey futon couch in living room
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Futon couch transformed into bed
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How to Make Your Futon Couch More Presentable

When using them in the living room, it is advisable to make your futon couches feel like the regular sofas. In that light, let’s highlight a few ways to spice up your futon:

Cover the Mattress

If you feel that your current futon mattress is comfortable enough for you, consider upgrading its look to mimic a couch using a futon cover. Futon covers are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, as well as fabrics, including twill and suede materials. In fact, some covers have cording around the edges, which makes them look much like couch cushions.

White futon couch
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Add Pillows

You should invest in accent pillows that blend with the pattern and color of your futon. This is a brilliant way to add a decorative and comfy touch to it. Likewise, the pillows look like the decorative feature you would put on a conventional couch.

Consider using bolster pillows on both ends of your futon along the arms. This creates the feeling of upholstered arms characteristic of a regular couch. You can also put large accent pillows along the back of your futon couch. What’s the importance of this?

Futon mattresses normally lean back more than conventional couches. As such, the pillows on the back of your futon can reduce the angle. Then, fill the space in with small accent pillows to create a chic look.

Sofa decorated with bright cushions, green plant and big cups on a table.
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Dark Futon couch in living room
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Let Your Futon Couch Blend With the Room

When it comes to positioning and accentuating your futon, try to make it look like a primary piece of furniture in the living room just as you would a regular couch. Place the futon within the room’s sitting arrangement. Then incorporate end tables on either side and a coffee table in front. The end tables should have lamps to provide task lighting when you’re using the futon couch.

Futon couch in modern living room interior
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Final thoughts

A futon couch is a stylish and versatile furniture that can be used either for seating or as a bed. However, some homeowners choose to use it primarily for seating in the living room. When used in the living room, it is a good idea to make the futon look and feel like a regular couch. That can be achieved by covering the mattress, adding accent pillows, combining it with end tables, etc. So, if you want to spice up your living room with a futon couch, this article provides great insights.




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