What Makes The Best Full-Length Mirror?

What Makes The Best Full-Length Mirror?

Looking for an easy way to add a striking visual effect to your space?

You might want to try adding a full-length mirror to the space. You won’t regret it. A full-length mirror is one that is at least 48 inches in height. And it is both a functional and decorative home accessory that help enrich the style of a room.

In fact, full-length mirrors are effective when it comes to creating an illusion of space in a room. They are also great for enhancing the brightness of a space.

You should realize, however, that there is a wide selection of full length mirrors available on the market today. And not all of them can suit your specific needs. So what makes the best full length mirror for your needs?

Contemporary country style bedroom interior design in neutral colors
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Here are some valuable tips to help you find the right full-length mirror for your needs:

What is Your Preferred Type of Full-Length Mirror?

There are two main types of full-length mirrors:

  • Leaning full-length mirrors
  • Cheval mirrors

Cheval mirrors are the full-length mirrors that come with stands. If you are looking for a mirror that is easier to move around the house, a cheval mirror would make a perfect choice. You can swivel the mirror from its frame. That means you can adjust the surface reflected by the mirror.

Elegant room interior with large mirror
Image Source: CharMoment

A leaning mirror, on the other hand, can make an awesome statement piece. These mirrors are elegant and charming. You can use them as a focal point in your room.

legant room interior with comfortable armchair and mirrors
Image Source: Africa Studio

Consider The Shape and Size of The Mirror

If you are working with a limited budget, consider going for a slim, full-length mirror. However, you should be alive to the fact that this mirror will make your reflection look slimmer and skinnier.

If you want to get a more accurate reflection, you should invest in a proportionately-sized full-length mirror. When it comes to shape, there are oval and rectangular full-length mirrors. You should choose a shape that complements the design of your space.

Namely, a rectangular mirror would work well for a room with simple, straight lines. Likewise, an oval mirror makes a perfect choice for a romantic-themed room.

Modern hallway interior with clothes on hanger stand and mirror
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White modern chair stands in corner of simple black and white bedroom
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Think About the Framing Material

Full-length mirrors are available in a vast selection of frames. You should choose a frame that will enrich the style of your room. If the style of your room is rustic, traditional, or modern, you can’t go wrong with a simple, wood-framed full-length mirror. If yours is a contemporary room, or you are looking to add some feminine touch, an elaborately curved frame full-length mirror would be a great choice.

Bright loft interior with white brick walls, mirror, modern light, sofa, decor.
Image Source: oksana_bondar


Elegant room interior with large mirror
Image Source: Africa Studio

Final thoughts

A full-length mirror is one of the greatest investment you can make if you want to create a pulled-together look in your room. It is a versatile home accessory. You can use it for personal grooming, to add style to your space, or to make a space look larger or brighter. These mirrors come in different styles. So you should consider the type, size, shape, and frame of the mirror in order to get the best one for your needs.



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