Flower Arrangement Tips to Create a Charming Aura in Your Home

Flower Arrangement Tips to Create a Charming Aura in Your Home

Looking to refresh the look of your home without hurting your pockets? Why not beautify it with flowers?

Flowers are the nature’s way of reminding us of the magnificence of life. And great floral arrangement can certainly enrich the look and feel of your home. In fact, flower arrangements are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add color to your space.

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For this article, the purpose is to present you some valuable flower arrangement tips to create a charming aura in your home. Let’s dive in.

Use Flowers as Stunning Dining Table Centerpiece

A vase of beautiful flowers will transform the look of any type of dining table. If you have a round dining table, for instance, consider placing one large vase of taller, longer blooms in the middle of the table.

Orchids, lilies, or amaryllis can be a great choice for this. This flower arrangement will effectively brighten up your dining space.

For a rectangular dining table, consider draping a table-runner over the length of the table. Then, place some small vases of one type of flower on the table runner. A mix of a few vases of different types of flowers on the table-runner would also look awesome.

To add more visual interest and charm to the dining table, you can add some other decorative pieces in the spaces between the vases. If you are using orange, yellow, or bright red flowers, for example, place a few lemons in a bowl and put it alongside the vases. Besides accentuating the flowers, this will also introduce a fresh citrus aroma to the space.

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 Bright spacious dining room with flowers and posters
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Conversely, if you are using flowers of a pale shade, acorns or pebbles placed around the flowers will do a great job at highlighting them.

Use Flowers to Add a Touch of Color to Your Living Space

You will be spoilt for choice when you start looking for the right spot for placing your flowers in the living room.

Varies pattern pillows in monotone setting on light gray sofa with black standing lamp
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Living Room
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You can place your flowers on the side table, coffee table, behind the couch, in a corner, or next to the TV. And any position you choose will deliver amazing results. If you are looking for an unfussy look to add a touch of color to your simple living room, consider using shorter blooms in small vases.

 Pastel living room with dried flowers and decorative pillows
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Modern living room in bright colors
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But if you are looking to create a more dramatic look, a large vase will do wonders. You can place the vase on the floor or on a tabletop for a striking look.

 Chic living room filled with built-in cabinets flanking round mirror atop grey tile fireplace, tufted sofa facing two armchairs and window wall overlooking lush outdoors.
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Flower Arrangement for a Colorful Room

Your room could be pretty colorful already, with tons of furniture and decorations. In this case, you should adopt a very simple flower arrangement. White would work great.

For instance, you can just get a bunch of white flowers and then cut them uniformly long and place them in a small vase.

 Orchids in glass vase on pretty bedside table vertical
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Cozy bedroom designed in wooden and pink style with big bed
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Another great idea is to cut the flowers in different lengths and then place the shorter ones at the base of the arrangement. And make the taller flowers to stand in the middle of the vase. Lastly, fill the rest of the vase with mid-sized flowers to create a perfect arrangement.

For a striking effect, try adding some flowers of the same color with the room. For a pink-walled room, for instance, you can add some pink roses in the white bouquets. Be sure to spread the flowers and not keep them together.

Vase with bouquet of white and yellow tulips in light room
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Spacious dark walled room with pastel pink bed and windows
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Final thoughts

Decorating and refreshing the look of your home doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. You can simply add a fresh print to a wall, some colorful pillows to a sofa, or interesting flower arrangements to a living room. This will certainly give your home a whole new look and feel.

And the good thing about flowers is that they are easy to obtain.  They are unsophisticated to maintain. Moreover, they are highly effective in transforming and beautifying your home. And if you don’t know where to start when it comes to beautifying your home with flowers, you can draw some inspiration from this article.


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