Types of Floor Mats: What’s the Right One For Your Home?

Types of Floor Mats: What’s the Right One For Your Home?

Looking for the right floor mats for your home, but don’t know where to start? This guide on the types of floor mats will make your purchasing decision easier.

Floor mats are an integral addition to any home, thanks to their functionality and appeal. For instance, it can help uphold the hygiene, keep the dirt out of your home, and provide cushioning to your feet. In addition, it can protect your floor from stains and various other damages.

Generally, these mats are made up of either soft or coarse material depending on their application. They also come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles. Moreover, most of them are named according to their functionality, such as doormat.

That said, let’s look at the major types of floor mats you can get for your home:

Entrance Mats

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to make your home feel welcoming, consider investing in entrance mats. As the name suggests, these floor mats are used at the entrance of a home. They will make visitors feel more welcome in your home. In addition, entrance mats protect the surface area from any damages and keep the dirt from entering your home.

Floor mat
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Entrance porch with opened door on a sunny day
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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Most of the today’s kitchen floors are not covered with carpets or kitchen rugs, but with ceramic tile, cement, or wood. While this ensures that the floor is easy to clean, prolonged periods of cooking or cleaning in the kitchen can normally leave your feet and legs tired and sore.

An excellent way to avert leg and feet fatigue is to place anti-fatigue mats on the floor where the most standing and traffic takes place. Besides preventing tired feet and legs, these mats also insulate against cold floors.

There is a wide selection of anti-fatigue floor mats, including ones that are resistant to oils and grease as well as ones with drainage holes, ensuring that debris and liquid don’t pool at the surface.



Gray rubber kitchen mat
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When it comes to choosing kitchen floor mats, there are also modular kitchen mats, which are made up of rubber. These mats help keep your modular kitchen free form grease, moisture, and food. These mats are liquid absorbent and they will keep your floor area dry. They are also resistant to slips and falls, and have slotted holes, which help in draining water.

Brush Floor Mats

Brush floor mats function by mixing traditional solution dyed carpet yarns with extremely abrasive dyed yards. This results in a mat that is much more abrasive compared to traditional mats. Hence, it is more effective in getting rid of soil from the soles of your shoes. Most of the brush mats have 100% Nitrile rubber backing, which promote slip and skid resistance. You can use these mats as entrance mats.

Welcome home doormat with close door
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Bathroom Floor Mats

Bathroom mats are normally made up of waterproof material in light of the fact that they are used on wet surfaces. If you are looking for a beautiful way to prevent slips and accidents in the bathroom, bathroom mats can be a perfect option.

Gray modern bathroom in the evening
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Final thoughts

Floor mats are virtually indispensable in any home. There are numerous things you can do with them, including placing them at your door, kitchen, bathroom, or gym. A good quality mat can be a long-term investment. Moreover, a well-designed and crafted floor mat will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. So, you should not settle for less when choosing floor mats. Always go for the best material, color, and design to suit your personal needs and taste.



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