What is the Best Fabric Paint for Your Fabric Painting Project?

What is the Best Fabric Paint for Your Fabric Painting Project?

Fabric painting is a great surface design technique that presents you the opportunity to create some unique pieces of art with your fabric. With fabric paint, it is also easy to personalize handmade or store bought gifts for your friends and family. Moreover, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to turn your old stuff into something fresh and attractive, fabric paint can be your ideal option.

There is a vast range of options when it comes to choosing the appropriate fabric paint for your project. So, let’s look at some of the major types of fabric paint to help you decide on the right one for your needs:

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Acrylic Fabric Paint

If you are looking for cheap fabric paint that delivers fairly quality results compared to most fabrics paints on the market, consider choosing acrylics. Acrylic fabric paints contain ingredients that enable them to become permanent on fabric. In fact, most of them are even washable after heat setting.

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It is worth noting that on their own, acrylics normally will remain stiff, will crack, and peel off in the end. So, after finding your desired color in acrylic, you should add a fabric medium. Be sure to mix the fabric medium with your acrylic paint in the ratio 1:1. What’s the significance of this?

It will minimize the stiffness of using undiluted acrylic paint, allowing for even application. It will also eliminate the need to abrasively scrub the fabric for the paint to adhere properly.

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Silk Fabric Paints

If you want to paint on silk or a fabric that has a low cotton percentage, silk paint should be your ideal choice of fabric paint. In this case, silk paints with help you achieve a vibrant result. When it comes to using silk fabric paint, make sure the area of the fabric you wish to paint is pulled tight.

Consider using a frame to prevent your fabric from snagging. Then, you should use an airbrush or fine brush to apply the fabric paint. This helps to control the amount of paint used.

You should realize, however, that silk fabric paint on silk can never be as long lasting as dyes. Moreover, you normally can’t wash your silk-painted fabric.

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Glow In the Dark Fabric Paint

This type of fabric paint collects available light and keeps it in special polymers. Then, the light energy is released as a glowing effect when you put the lights out. Glow in the dark fabric paint comes in a vast variety of colors and you can find it squeeze-bottles or pens. The most common types of this paint come in a bottle and go on heavy stripes as you squeeze it out.

Glow in the dark paint
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Dyes are excellent for changing the color of large parts a fabric. However, they are not without a few shortcomings when used to create designs on fabric. Dye colors normally fade a few shades on first wash.

Moreover, attempts to mix colors together usually results in a mud-colored soup. Likewise, dyes normally run within the fabric. This makes crisp well-designed lines harder. Nonetheless, some designs can only come out the best with dyes. You can sprinkle the dye on your fabric, tie and dye, or paint with a brush after thickening the dye.

Natural Cloth Dyeing
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Beautiful natural indigo tie dye fabric
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Final thoughts

Fabric painting can be a great source of fun and an excellent opportunity to create something really unique. Fabric paint can be useful if you are looking to be creative with your t-shirts, bags, tablecloths, etc. It can bring color and vibrancy to suit your tastes. It is advisable to always choose non-toxic, water-based fabric paints. There are so many options out there and it is advisable to experiment with small amounts until you find the one that best suits your style and project. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any fabric paint.



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