The Beauty and Usefulness of Expandable Dining Tables in Small Spaces

The Beauty and Usefulness of Expandable Dining Tables in Small Spaces

Are you normally unsure of how many people to expect at the dinner table? Why not invest in an expandable dining table?

Expandable dining tables are one of the best solutions to such mealtime dilemmas. Also, when you live in a house that does not have much space, you’ll most likely choose to do without a dining table. Why deny yourself the convenience of a dining table when you can afford an extendable dining table?

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The tables are very beneficial for those with large families and small space. They also come in handy if you often have guests visiting your home. An expandable dining table allows you to have a smaller dining table to use when there are not many users. You can extend the table when you are expecting more guests.

Expandable dining tables are very useful as you can use them for several purposes. That said, shall we have a detailed look at the features of these dining tables?

Different Shapes

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Extendable dining tables are available in different shapes. There are round dining tables that become oval after adding one or two leaves to make them bigger. Likewise, there are square dining tables that become rectangular expandable dining tables after adding the leaves.

Some expandable tables can accommodate up to over twenty guests. So, you can easily get a dining table that perfectly suits your dining needs.

Small sqare table
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Extended dining table
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Variety of Styles

Expandable dining tables come in a variety of styles and designs. There are traditional, country, as well as contemporary styled expandable tables. All you need to do is the right dining table for your needs.

There are numerous options available to suit every home décor. If you want a table that works well with any style of furnishing, an expandable glass dining table would be a perfect choice for you. It will give your dining space a glossy and modern aura.

Extendable glass table
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Extendable dining tables made of wood are also popular nowadays. Many of them are crafted to add a personal touch to your home.


An expandable dining table is one of the most effective ways for dealing with the occasional need of a larger dining table. Usually, a leaf or strip is used at the tabletop for expanding its size. You can easily move, remove, and store the strip away when it’s not needed.

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If you want to accommodate many people at the dinner table, simply place the leaf and make your table large. Once the mealtime is over, you can detach the leaf and revert the table to its normal size. This is a nice way to avoid mess all around your house when there are many guests to dine.

Expandable table mechanism
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Expandable IKEA table in small dining room
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Final thoughts

Anytime you think of purchasing a dining table for your home, consider investing in an expandable dining table. These tables are normally crafted in unique designs and styles that suit every home. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

An extending dining table will add a touch of beauty, class, and simplicity to your dining room.  This table will prove to be useful when you have a limited space in your home. You don’t have to worry about how to seat your many guests at the dinner table.  An expandable dining table allows you to enjoy meals with your family and guests comfortably.



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